Sunday, June 8, 2008

Will it ever slow down?

Okay, so I thought since the wedding was over that things would slow down, BUT they have not. We went to church this morning and rushed home to eat a bite before John and Kylan went to Jonesboro to help my mom and dad finish up on cleaning up the reception area at The Station while Jace and I went to a baby shower with Shea in Wynne. It was nice catching up with high school friends, though we didn't quite have long enough to chat. I had to leave it early to go to Kylan's t-ball swim party. We were late of course but the kids did get to swim atleast. John met me and Jace there. After that it was off to chuch again, and now home and about to start cleaning house, AGAIN!!! Oh, Jace said his first word today! HOT! I'm sure that's not really what he said, but I was opening the oven and he said what sounded like hot anyway. I went back in there later and told John to come in there, and he did it again! HOW FUNNY! The pics. are just random ones from today.


Anonymous said...

You just had to post that horrid pic of us, didn't you?! Jace's first word...yay!!!