Monday, February 27, 2012

Klaire 23 mths

Oh my, how is it that in one month my youngest will be 2 already!! Klaire is completely paci free and 100% potty trained.. YAY!!! She speaks in complete sentences and loves to sing. Her fav songs are bingo, the eensy weensy spider, her ABC's, 5 little monkeys, teasing mr. Crocodile, and baa baa black sheep. I love to hear her sing. She loves school and rarely ever cries when I leave. She is cutting 3 teeth right now and I believe has two left until we get older. She is not a picky eater, but def has her momma's sweet tooth. We are about to transition her to a big girl bed, opting out of a toddler bed. Anyway, hard to believe she is growing up so fast!!

Jace oh jace

Jace dressed himself for church last night....hmmmm, def have to teach him some style ;)

Xoxo pageant

Queen 12-23

My love bugs...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine fun

Here are a couple of the treats we have done for school...still more, but nothing fancy!


Kylan vs dog

Well, let's just say the dog won....


Klaire turned 22 mths the 27th of jan. She is such a big girl. We have gone almost two weeks now with no diapers (except at bedtime of course, though she is almost always dry every morning.) Still paci free of course and growing like a weed. Can't believe we are so close to get being 2!!