Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We had a great Christmas, it came and went as fast as always lol. The kids got more than they needed and now we have the task of cleaning out the boys rooms to make room for the new. We opened presents here, then at my parents, and then on to my grandma's house. We went to church service afterwards to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Then on to John's parents and then my sisters. What a great day!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa pics

Ok, so one kids thinks he is too old to sit on Santa’s lap (really?? already?) and another who wants nothing to do with Santa. Oh well! We finally got Klaire to sit on his lap after many failed attempts. We were lucky that we got her to give a high five once…HA! But FINALLY we got her to do it after seeing baby Maddox sit on his lap. Guess she didn’t want her 6 mth old cousin to show her up! Her look in the one pic is PRICELESS…..so glad I got it on film!006012013016017

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elf on the shelf

Some of our locations...

1st trim

Goodbye old hello new

I haven't even had time to take a pic in the daytime yet. We traded in last min tonight. It was time, the old white Tahoe was a good one and the longest we have ever kept one. However, it was starting to fall apart. Anyway...in with the new. Hopefully this one will last as long as the last!

Helping decorate great grandmas tree

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

catching up…

Just some random things since I haven’t posted much lately……..life is good. My new job is going well….getting in the swing of things. We just had progress reports for all the kiddos. Gatlin is doing well and Kylan is getting better. He got all A’s 1st 9 weeks, but grades are slipping somewhat. He just can not maintain focus in the classroom. We have been dealing with this since 2nd grade, and have finally decided to try ADHD medicine. It breaks my heart to put him on it, but he needs it bad. He has also failed his hearing again. We will have to see an ENT soon, but not sure what will be the outcome. He has already had 4 sets of tubes for fluid and the last set, his eardrums were so thin because of all of the sets we have had to do. Not sure they will be able to do a 5th set. Kylan is fighting us on taking medicine, not really sure what he has heard about it. He did start taking it, but thinks he is taking it for allergies. He is bringing his grades back up since he has started the medicine. He is on week 3 and his teacher seems to think it is helping. I agree. When doing homework now we spend 30 minutes with little to no frustration, where as before it would be 2-3 hours to get a 15 minute assignment done with tears. Anyway, keep us in your prayers, this is a big step for us and a scary one. Jace is in the top of his pre-K class and is very well behaved. Klaire is also in the top of her class. She is the only one, according to her teachers, who can sing and remember the songs with them. She is saying sentences like crazy at 19 mths. Just this morning, she told me…”I tore it up” and “I dropped it mommy.” She has impressed me soooo much with her speech. Of course this is coming from my last kid who wouldn’t talk till he was almost 3. Smile She has great fine motor skills as well. Potty-training however, is a completely different story. HA! I know she isn’t two yet, so no rush, but she is showing ALL the signs of being ready….but is STUBBORN!!! She is staying dry through naptime and bedtime. She tells me when she is wet or poopy. She will sit on the toilet and has even peed in it a few times. She pulls off her diaper all of the time too. UGH!!! Hopefully Spring Break right before her birthday we can get this goal accomplished. Sorry for such a long post!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Southern Angelic Pageant

Klaire had her first Christmas pageant for this year and did very well. There were 11 girls in her age division and she pulled 1st alternate and Photogenic Queen. Her friend Madi that we do pageants with ended up 0-3 Supreme. So proud of our girls. 037

001 - Copy067 - Copy091075

Friday, October 28, 2011

Disney Princesses

Lori and I took the girls to see the Princesses at the Convo Center. We both had a rough start and got there a little late, but the girls loved it. Klaire did really well and didn’t get antsy until intermission time. We got up and visited other friends there, and then went back and was able to sit through the rest of the show. 003

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Peebles farm…again….

This time the whole family went. John and Kylan enjoyed it on the third grade field trip, so we thought it would be fun to take all the kiddos. They loved the animals and would have stayed their the entire time if we would have let them. We went through the corn maze, and didn’t do bad. 16 minutes to find our way out! We only bought one pumpkin, but it was huge. We let Jace pick it out since Kylan got to pick out one when he went on his field trip. Hope to be able to go every year.001010030043046062065075083089