Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy as always...

What a long week it has been! It has been hard to get used to being in school a full week these last 2 wks. Monday we had a brief staff meeting after school. Tuesday we went to view maternity pictures that we had taken the Friday before. I can't wait to get them in. They were sweet. Hopefully they will be in the beginning of this week & I can post them. I also got Jace signed up for t-ball! I am super excited that they will let him play. The deadline was for them to be 3 in April, but since he turns 3 in May they said that he could go ahead & play this year. He is excited and has been practicing with his daddy. Kylan opted to stay out this year. I was disappointed, but at the same time don't want to pressure him. He started piano lessons this week. So, maybe he will be the musical/artsy type. My sister is giving him lessons. I am not sure how long this will last once he realizes that he has to practice every single day. I didn't even know he wanted to take lessons until my sis talked to me about it. I just never gave much thought since he is a boy, but Andrea said he did seem to have a knack for it so we shall see. Wednesday was church and then Thursday night relaxing. I have been trying to relax as much as possible since these contractions seem to come and go so much. Friday I had my doc. appt. I had lost 2 lbs. which really surprised weight gain is now down to 26 lbs. My BP was good and so was her heartbeat. I go back in 2 weeks, and the to the weekly visits. WOW, it is getting even closer! We still like her bumper pad, rug, and curtains, but hopefully that will get done this week. After my appt. I headed to our Young Women's night of pampering and got my first manicure ever. Yes, I know...I am behind on times. I just honestly would rather do my own nails and spend my money on clothes, ha! Today we ran to town for the boys haircuts and then supper with John's parents.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Student of the Week

Our school started doing Student of the week when we got back in January. I was so excited to hear over the intercom Friday that Kylan was chosen in his class for this week! Whoo hoo, way to go! Nothing makes me prouder! For a treat they are allowed to eat at a table set up with games so I grabbed my camera & got to take his picture when I came to pick up my kiddos from lunch.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

32 weeks

I was 32 weeks on Sunday! My belly button is sticking way out! Does that mean I am DONE?????

Update on John

This week is already crazy busy. Monday I had a hair appt. after school. Afterwards John's mom cooked supper for us and then I headed to my Young Mother's Meeting. Tuesday after school I hosteda Kelly's Kids party. After wrapping that up John, the boys, and I headed to town to eat Chinese with his parents. The biggest news of the week is John's Dr. update. He went back yesterday and 5% of his lung is still collapsed. The Dr. said that it would take another 2 wks. to heal and he will have to go back then for another x-ray. If it is not healed by then they will run some more tests.I am inlcuding some random pics. in this post because there was no specific post to put them in, lol!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Okay, so we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day as planned, considering that I was going to be watching my boys try skiing/snowboarding for the first time ever! I hate that we had to miss the skiing trip, however, John's health is much more important. I would have hated to drive up there and his lung collapse again. Kylan was the most disappointed out of all of us, but he is satisfied that we will go next year. Friday night we went to John's parents for steak and all the fixings. John was going stir crazy. Saturday he rode to Mississippi with his dad and Kylan to get the Cheville again while I met up with my girls, Chandra, Shea, & Cassie. (Along with all of our kiddos.) We had a great time catching up as always! I had planned to get groceries after meeting up with the girls when John texted and said to just stay in town that him & his parents would meet us to go eat supper. So, since I had nothing major planned Jace & I hit Target and he helped me register. He was such a big helped aiming the scanner at everything I held up, lol. We finally met them and headed to Outback and then we ran to Walmart to get the boys and us some movies to relax the rest of the weekend. Today we went to church and then headed to town for a quick trip to grab a pizza and some groceries. John was worn out afterwards so he slept the rest of the afternoon and we missed church services tonight. We did however, do a bible study with the boys. My parents brought the boys some treats over and candy for us too! My favorite thing though, was my yellow rose that my daddy always gets me. I look forward to it every year, yellow is my favorite! Thank you daddy, love you more than words will ever express! John got me a necklace with the kiddos names on individual charms and their birthstones, except for Klaire's, which we will order once we know if she will be a March or April baby!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Update on John

Other than going stir-crazy, John is doing well. He is still so very sore & just expects this to all just heal over night. The Dr. told him that this wasn't something to play around with and that it would take awhile to feel "normal" again. We have appreciated all of the calls, visits, prayers, and texts. It means the world to us to be blessed with so many great friends! Update for Klaire....I went to the Dr. on Wed. and had gained 3 lbs. in 3 wks. I was pleased considering I have been gaining between 6-8 every 3 wks. My BP & her heartbeat were great. I now go every 2 wks. for the next 2 visits, and then to my weekly visits. WOW, hard to believe that in 8 wks. at the most, baby girl will be here!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hospital stay

I guess that John wanted to give us all a good scare yesterday, lol. He went into work feeling just fine and then called me in severe pain later saying he couldn't breathe. I honestly thought it was just anxiety. John has panic attacks quite often. He hangs up and I text him about an hr. later to check on him. His dad immediately calls me and says that they are in the ER with him. His dad happened to be at his work since they have been working on his Cheville. His dad told me not to come up yet with the roads the way they were, and b/c he wanted to make sure it wasn't just anxiety as well. He also knew I would have to find someone to keep the boys. He calls me back as soon as they find out what it wrong, which is a collapsed lung. They put a chest tube in and have him sedated by the time I get the boys with my mom and dad drives me up there. Dad later went home & my parents were gracious by keeping the boys all afternoon & overnight so that I could stay the night at the hospital. Luckily it is healing really well and they were able to take the chest tube out at lunch today and send him home. He was so ready to be home. He now has a 50% chance of it collapsing again. We hope & pray that it doesn't. He goes back next week for a follow up and can't do any physical activity for at least 2 wks. Kylan is disappointed since we had to cancel our skiing trip this weekend, however, there is always next year. It is not like I could ski anyway & now with John not being able to, it was pointless for us to go, with the exception of the boys of course. Please continue to keep us in your prayers! God has blessed us so much still even in the circumstances!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Well with all of this snow lately we have gotten the nursery almost completed! YAY! We like a few minor things like a new curtain rod, new light switch plate, rug, and curtains to complete with zebra at the bottom. Also the bumper pad which may take awhile. I am also going to order Klaire's monogram to add above the crib. I am so excited to have it almost done! A HUGE thanks goes out to John for hanging the decal & my daddy for hanging her bow holder and name on the wall! I have also been able to work on a few orders that I am finishing up so that I can spend time with the boys before Miss Priss arrives. They are big orders & are taking longer than I anticipated. Hopefully with all of the snow that we woke up to, I can get a big portion done today! I almost forgot...John & I had a date night Saturday night, thanks to my daddy for keeping my boys. Gosh, I am starting to owe him BIG TIME! (LOVE YOU DADDY!) We, or shall I say, "I" wanted to go see "Dear John." John didn't care to see it, but was willing to for my sake, lol. We got there & it was sold out. UGH! I didn't really want to see anything else in case we still get a chance to see it before Klaire's arrival, so we opted to go eat Chinese instead. It was delicious! I hope we get to squeeze in one more date at least before the big day. If I go early then I only like about 5-8 wks. WOW!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A few projects down...more to go!

Mom got the dresser finished today for Klaire's room today. She also got half of the bedding done.The harder part (the bumper) comes next. I figure it will take her another week or two to get that finished. Her & dad are also in the middle of remodeling my grandmother's house, and helping my sister re-do her bathroom. We are so lucky to have parents that are skilled in those areas! She also got my bow holder finished. I got one frame done that I just added some ribbon, feathers, and bling to, just to give it some jazz. Hopefully, John will get the last wall painted tonight and we can at least start hanging a few things this week. It has helped being out of school for snow the last few days to get some things done. However, my house looks like a tornado hit it. I am trying to fit 2 boys in one room and go through old clothes & toys, which I now have scattered through out the entire house! Not to mention all the things that Klaire has already accumulated. YIKES, I need a bigger house, or less junk!