Sunday, November 30, 2008


Just when I thought my machine was up and running again, it is make "the" funny noise again. I'm calling tomorrow to see what I can do. UGHHH!!! I am also dreading going back to work tomorrow. Jace is going to have a time with it, since he has been home with his momma for 5 straight days. I was taking random pics tonight and got one that I imagine would be what he would do if he really understood when I say that tomorrow is school again. I can just see him saying (if he could talk, lol) "I don't want to hear it, I don't want to go back!" The rest of the pictures are some that I got after I tried on his new little outfit. He looks so cute in it!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm soooo excited!

Jace thought this ornament was a real lollipop! Poor kid.

I have lots of reasons to be excited! First of all, the HOGS WON yesterday! Second, mom came over and decorated my tree yesterday and today. We even got a cheaper tree this year (real tree = unnecessary expense & care.) John loves them though, as do I so we just had to have one anyway. Last of all, Stacy and I went to town (Thanks Stacy) today where I got my embroidery machine fixed. It wasn't working well for me. Plus I got a new applique CD for my machine, and the lady showed me how to use it. SOOOOO, maybe I can start playing with my machine again. I also got Jace a super cute outfit today at Pattycakes. They were having a BOGO sell, which is always nice. However, I still shouldn't have spent the money on it, but it was super cute and Jace will be rockin in it. Which makes it a little bit better, lol. Hope ever one else had a SUPER Saturday!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday

We had a very nice Thanksgiving day today. We started the day out with John's parents and then headed to my grandma Sanders house to finish out stuffing ourselves. The most important part of the day to me is thanking God for the many, many wonderful blessings that he gives me and my family. So here are just a very small amount of things that I am thankful for, even though I could fill a whole page full.......
I am thankful to God for: (no particular order)
my beautiful healthy boys
my wonderful husband
the ability to be creative
my house, though small, it is our home
my health
my parents, sister, grandparents, my in laws, and other family
the ability to be able to work
my friends (I couldn't survive without them)
the country that I live in and that so many fight for

And again, the list could go on and on and on. Hope everyone else had a blessed holiday as well.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lazy Day

Today the boys and I relaxed around the house. I did manage to get a small amount of cleaning done and one load of clothes done. I know that I should have done more, but there is always tomorrow. Well, maybe not, since Thanksgiving and all, but it will get done sooner or later. Most likely later. I also managed to get one of my school spirit tutus finished tonight. I have two more just like it to do tomorrow. I think I may take one to the in-laws to work on after lunch while the kids are running around like crazy. I am posting a pic of it and Jace stuck under the table again. Well, until tomorrow.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Today at school we had a Thanksgiving feast for the 5 Kindergarten classes. They all got lots of compliments on how cute they were. Two classes were pilgrims, and the other 3 Native Americans.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy Bee

Ok, I have been super busy on these things. It was a grand total of 4 taggies, 1 burpcloth, 2 diaper wipe cases, and 2 pillowcases. Oh, and the zebra birthday cake. I still have 3 tutus to make, and will hopefully get those done this week before Thanksgiving. I have been super busy, but I LOVE getting the orders. Friday night we dropped off Kylan with John's parents so that we could get some of his Christmas presents taken care of. Saturday, John went duck hunting while I stayed busy with the kids and orders. We had out Harvest dinner at church today. Kylan went to his Aunt Andee's after church while I finished up my orders and played around on my embroidery machine. It is much smarter than me, so I am getting really frustrated with it!!! Anyway, off to get things ready for school tomorrow. YAY, only 2 days this week! Boy am I ready for a break!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

18 months

My littlest sweetpea is getting not so little anymore. Jace is the big 1 1/2 years old today. I didn't manage to get any pics when we came in from school, because I left my camera in the car. I then went to bunco. We had a great time and lots of girls, so it was a lot of fun! When I got home Jace was asleep, but I had to have a pic anyway. If you look closely you will see not one, but 3 pacis in his crib with him. One in his mouth of course and two beside him. He has become quite attached to these silly (but life-saving) things, lol!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where are the days going?

My goodness, I can tell it is the holiday season. Things are getting really hectic. I will start off updating from Sunday. We went to our church for a.m. services and then went to my parents for lunch. We then headed out to see an ordination service for a friend of ours. They are a super sweet couple and we just couldn't miss out on such an awesome event for them. We decided since we were on the road so much that we would opt out of our services for the night. I had a friend over to help me play with my embroidery machine. I just don't know how to use it that well. We think though that I had some bad thread. I am getting more tomorrow and hopefully that will solve my problems. Speaking of my new machine. Guess what Jace did to it in 2.2 seconds...... Well, there is a place on the front to slide a teenie pair of scissors, and yep, you guessed it. He took them and scratched the screen to pieces. Thank goodness there is a plastic piece in front of the screen, but it still makes me sick none the less. Monday was busy. Even at school we had a busy day. The Air Evac helicopter came and landed and the kids got to look inside. I didn't take my camera outside, but did manage to get pictures later of another treat. We had a guest speaker who brought animal skins and talked with the kids about Native Americans. The kids really enjoyed it. After school I rushed home and cooked for my extension club meeting and wrapped gifts for my secret pal, and a surprise baby shower for Tiffany. I missed Young Mother's meeting (they are on the same night), but I didn't want to miss the baby shower. Tonight I have been working on orders. I am so excited to be getting so many, and it is keeping me busy. I have orders for 5 taggie blankets, 1 burpcloth, 2 diaper wipe cases, and two children's pillow cases this week, so I will be a busy girl. I had to order some fabric online so I can only accomplish so much at the moment. Tomorrow I plan on meeting my mom after school to get a few things, and then bunco is Thursday night. Now if only I can squeeze some time in to do some Christmas shopping, lol!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas came early

I have to say the today was one of the nicest Saturday's that I have had in awhile. Shea came and picked me up and we headed to meet Cassie, Chandra, and baby Caden. We met at Cassie's house to cuddle with Caden a little before we headed to Chili's to eat. We visited awhile there and then John and the boys and Maggie picked me up to head to a birthday party at the ASU museum for the Grossology exhibit. We then went and got John and Kylan's haircut. We also came home with my Christmas present which is an embroidery machine. It is just a simple basic model, but works for what I need it for anyway. We came home and I made my first tutu. It is a cute little Christmas one. I plan to do a shirt with my new machine, but first I have to learn how to use it, lol. The only bad thing about today was that my finger has throbbed all day, where I slammed it in the car door yesterday! OUCH! Anyway, tomorrow we have another busy day, so I am off to bed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The things kids say...

My kiddos have been cracking me up lately. Jace with his "Oh me" and Kylan at school. His teacher told me yesterday that the nurse came in to check all of the kids heads for lice. Kylan had his hair in a mohawk with blue color, so she was having a hard time checking his hair. She asked him about his hair, to which he explained, "My momma puts stuff in my hair everyday so I won't get bugs!" How funny! This is of course so true. Along with Kindergarten comes the dreaded lice epidemic into the classrooms. I have no intentions of Kylan getting them. I have no clue as to how to treat it or my house for that matter, and want no part of it. Therefore I hairspray both the boys, and myself every morning before we go to school to hopefully avoid the matter all together. Anyway, not much matter to the blog tonight. I am posting a funny pic of Jace that I took tonight. He wanted to wear his hat and was running around the house with just a shirt, one sock, and his winter hat. Too cute! Which reminds me......a lady, who is the mother of a guy Johns works with, and who works with my sis, gave the boys camo hats. Jace decided that he wanted to wear his to bed. Yes, my almost 18 month old. Every time I thought he was asleep I would try to take it off and he would wake up screaming until I put it on. After the fifth attempt I let him keep it on. Later I felt John finally able to pull it off his head. The funny ways of a child, yet soooo entertaining. I almost forgot another funny thing that Kylan has been singing. Here goes: Jingle Bells, Shotgun shells, granny has a gun, shot a deer in the rear, in 1991. What is that all about??

Monday, November 10, 2008

Finally some pics!

Here are a few pics from the last couple of days. One of Stacy in our booth, and sweet baby boy Hayden, whom I got to see at the craft fair. He is too sweet! He is my friend Olivia's baby. I will try to put some pics of my new taggies later. I am giving my bro. in laws laptop back to him tonight, so if I don't post for awhile you know why. I am trying to get my old laptop up and running enough to use until Christmas. Keep your fingers crossed that it works!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


No pics tonight. I am exhausted from the craft fair. I think that I did okay considering it was my first one and we had no clue what to expect. This week has been a super busy one, but we survived and it is already almost Monday again. Jace has been sick this week as well which has not helped things. He is much better and no longer running a temp. When I picked him up Wed. from school he was running a temp, so mom kept him Thurs. and of course John kept him on Friday as usual. We went and ate with Christina and Jarrod Friday night which is always nice, but then Jace screamed for 2 hrs. straight as soon as we got in the car. I think his little tummy was cramping (he had already had diarrhea 7 times that day.) He had it again and seemed much better afterwards. I worked all day Saturday and today at the craft fair, so I haven't seen much of my kiddos this weekend, and boy have I missed them. I only wish that I had one more day off!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Latest Projects

Here are some of the latest things I have made...