Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy Bee

Ok, I have been super busy on these things. It was a grand total of 4 taggies, 1 burpcloth, 2 diaper wipe cases, and 2 pillowcases. Oh, and the zebra birthday cake. I still have 3 tutus to make, and will hopefully get those done this week before Thanksgiving. I have been super busy, but I LOVE getting the orders. Friday night we dropped off Kylan with John's parents so that we could get some of his Christmas presents taken care of. Saturday, John went duck hunting while I stayed busy with the kids and orders. We had out Harvest dinner at church today. Kylan went to his Aunt Andee's after church while I finished up my orders and played around on my embroidery machine. It is much smarter than me, so I am getting really frustrated with it!!! Anyway, off to get things ready for school tomorrow. YAY, only 2 days this week! Boy am I ready for a break!


Shea said...

Where do you hide your cape, Supermom?