Sunday, November 9, 2008


No pics tonight. I am exhausted from the craft fair. I think that I did okay considering it was my first one and we had no clue what to expect. This week has been a super busy one, but we survived and it is already almost Monday again. Jace has been sick this week as well which has not helped things. He is much better and no longer running a temp. When I picked him up Wed. from school he was running a temp, so mom kept him Thurs. and of course John kept him on Friday as usual. We went and ate with Christina and Jarrod Friday night which is always nice, but then Jace screamed for 2 hrs. straight as soon as we got in the car. I think his little tummy was cramping (he had already had diarrhea 7 times that day.) He had it again and seemed much better afterwards. I worked all day Saturday and today at the craft fair, so I haven't seen much of my kiddos this weekend, and boy have I missed them. I only wish that I had one more day off!!!!


Stacy said...

I am with you girl! It was fun though. I am so glad your taggies did so well! You need to get busy sewing! I am going to be sewing some tonight myself too.... seeing all the cuteness inspired me to dust off the old Singer!