Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Anniversary & Klaire @ 1 mth.

Today was mine & John's 8 year anniversary. It's hard to believe it has been 8 years, but here we are 3 kids later and still trying to make each other laugh. I am so blessed to have a husband who wants to live the right way and who helps me out so much! He is my best friend and a wonderful daddy!

Klaire also turned a month old today! WOW ~ time flies! We took her to the doc. today for her 1 mth. check-up. Her doc. was very impressed with how much she weighed! She is now 10.3 and has chunky cheeks. He said that she may out-do her brothers. We also talked with him about her being so cranky. He said she probably has some colic, even though she isn't doing the typical 3 hrs. of crying. We also talked about silent reflux and he agreed that she probably had that as well. Soooo, she will now be taking Zantac twice a day for now to see how it works. Hopefully that will help her out some. Bless her heart, I feel like I can't go anywhere b/c she might fuss. Of course if it is true colic then he said it could last until she was 3-4 mths. old. YIKES! We love her anyway.....and it helps that she is just so darn cute!

John's 32nd B-day

John turned 32 on Saturday. We didn't celebrate until Sunday at his parent's house where we ate BBQ and had cake. I guess it is just harder for us adults in this household to celebrate much with all of our kiddos & we really didn't want to venture out since Klaire has been a cranky mess lately.

Women's Conference

We had a Women's Conference at a local church on Friday night & Saturday morning. I took Miss Priss & she did really well. The conference was about being frazzled in our daily lives & how to let Jesus take care of everything for us. All of ladies met to eat supper Friday beforehand and had a great time.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kylan's Field Trip

Kylan had a field trip yesterday to the local fairgrounds to learn about horses. It is called the Black Stallion Project. A horse was brought to the school earlier in the year and every child received a book about a horse. The field trip was a continuum to that experience. The kids got to pet a horse, read their favorite part of the story to a horse, watch one do tricks, learn about their feed, sit on a saddle, learn how to clean a horse, etc. The kids had a great time. Mom & I went, as well as Klaire & Jace. I was worried about taking them, but I had to nurse so Klaire had to go. I would have felt terrible leaving Jace. I couldn't have asked for better kids though, so it worked out perfect. I signed Kylan out afterwards since it didn't count against him and we ran some errands. It was a perfect day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Klaire 3 weeks

I couldn't resist those sweet shoes! So stinkin cute!

Girls Night Out

Last night a few of us girls met up to eat at Lazzari's. We chatted for 2 hrs. & had a great time! We then headed to Christina's house so that I could pick up a few things. We had a fun time chatting with her too! Then we headed to a book store & then home. It was nice getting out of the pjs for the day, ha!

Kylan /piano

I am not sure if I ever posted this pic or not, so if I did I apologize! Kylan seems to be doing well with piano lessons. It is hard right now for me to get him to go next door & practice b/c I forget, but hopefully this week will be better!

Jace's 1st T-ball Game

Friday was Jace's first t-ball game. I just have to remember to not let him take late naps on game day. We had to wake him up to go and he was NOT in the mood. He finally did get out on the field and stand there, and loved to hit the ball, but still didn't give 100% like he has been doing during practice. It was still cute to see him out there! We have 11 games left!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So far so good

Well I took Klaire & got her weighed yesterday & she does indeed weigh 9 lbs. She weighs 9.8 to be exact. I feel so much better knowing! I also got her 1 mth. check-up scheduled too. Little Miss Priss has been a cranky little girl today however, so I may have to start looking into my diet...UGH! Jace never seemed to have issues so it never crossed my mind. Keep us in your prayers. hoping she isn't going to be colicky!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Klaire's announcements

I should be getting this in soon so I can send them out! Christina (at Distinctly Pink) did a fantastic job as always! I couldn't have been more pleased! Don't know what I would do without her!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Klaire ~ 2 weeks old

Miss Priss is 2 weeks old today! WOW! I can't believe it! I know I will be saying that every week, which will turn into months, etc. Tomorrow was Klaire's official due date. I don't think I could have made it that extra 15 days, ha! Klaire had her first official bath at home today, other than sponge baths, because her cord fell off today. So glad that I don't have to worry about it any more. Klaire has now had about 3 bottles that I pumped so that I could get a break from nursing. I may even let John take one of the early morning feedings tonight so that I can get a long stretch of sleep for the first time in 2 weeks.

In weight news....I really wish I had some baby scales. We have weighed ourselves and then weighed her with us three times now and every time they have said (on 2 different scales also) that she is 9 lbs. I just don't see how that is possible already. I may take her by her pediatrician's office to have her weighed for my own comfort. I am just nervous since I am not sure how much she is actually getting. She is having the "correct" amount of poop/wet diapers but it is just hard for me not to have that "control" over how much she gets. That is exactly why I started pumping with Jace and continued to do that his whole first year so I wouldn't stress over it. I would really like to not have to pump unless needed with her, so it would be helpful to have good scales!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's been going on....

Life in general has been great...a little sleep deprived, but all in all wonderful. I had all intentions of baby girl sleeping in her crib beginning the first night so that she would get used to only that as her bed. HA! Little did I know that the first 3-4 days she would be nursing every 30-1hr. We opted for the couch instead. However, I can say (& pray that it lasts) that last night she slept all night (no, not w/o nursing) in her baby bed. YAY! It was hard to crawl out of bed every time she wanted to nurse, but so worth being able to get a little sleep in my own bed! Jace has now started sleeping in the bottom bunk in Kylan's room also. I think we have gone 5 nights now. Soooo, hopefully we are on the right track to regaining our bed back, lol! Klaire is doing so much better nursing..for the most part eating every 2 and a half-3 hrs. So hopefully we are getting into some kind of routine so that we can get out of the house for a couple hours one day next week. I have been very fortunate to have great neighbors as well who have been taking Kylan to school & another one who has been picking him up. This is so helpful so that I don't have to drag Jace & Klaire out, or it being nursing time right in the middle of needing to go get Kylan. Jace has been allowed to stay at home the remainder of the year with me & will still keep his spot in the fall, so I am ecstatic about that. I love having him home & I don't have to feel guilty about sending him to school when I am here. I will be glad when Kylan is out for the summer, though I am sure it will be chaos around here.

Easter Sunday

The boys got up bright & early to see what the Easter Bunny brought and then we headed next door to my parents for the boys to hunt eggs. Every year they hide for them and the boys LOVE it! We then went to church as usual. It was baby girl's first trip to church. She did great! I had to leave class in order to nurse but she slept all through preaching. Afterwards, we went to John's parents for lunch & to let the kids go to John's Aunt's house to go egg hunting. We didn't have p.m. services so we went home and relaxed!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs

Mommy make-over

Klaire ~ 1 week

I can't believe Miss Priss has now been in our family for 1 week! So very blessed!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Jace's Easter Egg Hunt

Today Jace had his Easter egg hunt at school. I have kept him home all week to adjust and you can tell that he has been out 2 wks. He kept saying "you aren't going to leave me?" John & I took him and he had a great time hunting eggs. He wouldn't hardly talk to anyone though, so Monday is going to be tough on him & mommy when he goes back. Afterwards we headed to my school to visit with the staff. I didn't visit my classroom with her being so little and I came during their lunch and didn't want them in trouble by me coming in and interrupting anyway. I will hopefully get to visit with them soon. Afterwards we headed to town to get groceries and sneak around & get Easter bunny goodies for their baskets. We came home in time to get Kylan from school and are enjoying a nice, relaxing evening at home. Our church members have cooked supper for us every night since we have been home, so we haven't had to worry about that either.