Saturday, August 30, 2008

My adventure with Stacy

Okay, so if you want to have an interesting day, you defiantly need to have Stacy with you. My day started off rather normally. John let me sleep in a little while he watched the kids. We then got up and around and headed to our family reunion. It was strange since this is the first one without my grandpa. It was still nice to see everyone. Kylan had a great time playing with all of the other kids. They even had a fishing game set up for them to get a prize. On the way home from the reunion, Stacy called and wanted to know if I want to head to town with her and Susan (who is from China, and is in the US to teach Chinese at our school.) I said sure, sounds like fun. I picked up Susan at her apartment and we headed to Stacy's house. There we got to meet their brand new addition to the family....a sweet little puppy named Honey that they adopted. After that, off we went to Pattycakes first and I got 2 more pair of shoes for Jace and a shirt for Kylan. I got Jace those cute and annoying squeaker shoes. He LOVES them! We then headed to KFC because Susan didn't eat lunch and was starving. After we ordered her food, we drove around to pay when we were informed that their electricity was out, along with the whole strip that KFC was located. We thought it was a little strange, but decided to head to Hobby Lobby. On the way there we felt a jerk and realized that we had been rear ended. No big deal, since there was no apparent damage that we could detect, but still a little scary. Once at Hobby Lobby, we ran into a friend of Stacy's who told us that the whole town had no electricity. So, imagine, no lights, no shopping, possibly could have been total chaos. We then decided to ride around a little while in hopes that the power would come back on and we could finish shopping. My mom then proceeds to call to see if I was still in town. My dad had gone and was literally, under empty with his gas light. Of course with no power, there was no getting gas. No way to use the pumps or to pay. Dad wasn't sure what to do. Luckily, as we were riding around, we noticed that one small section had regained power so I called him and told him of a gas station that he could hopefully make it there. Us girls went next door and got ice cream while we waited on the rest of the city to regain power. Lucky us, we got free ice cream because the registers were still not able to connect to their servers. It was YUMMY! Dad made it fine and headed home and we headed to Walmart to get some groceries with Susan. They had a generator, thank goodness. I can't even begin to fathom the nightmare it would have been in there without electricity. By the time we finished in there Hobby Lobby was taking customers again so we all got lots of beads and things to make us some jewelry. I spent way too much money tonight, was in a very minor wreck, and in a city with no power. Hmmmm, I may be rethinking my adventures with Stacy, lol! We had a GREAT time, regardless of all of the circumstances. It makes for interesting conversation anyway. I got home and John and I watched a movie and I made some jewlery. Let me know what you think Stacy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Long weekend, here I come!

I know that I haven't posted since Monday, which yes, is sooo unlike me, but not much has really been going on. Tuesday night we ate with my parents to celebrate my dad's b-day. It was great as always to spend time with the whole family. Wednesday night was church and then Thurs. night was bunco with the girls. We has a great time! Then comes Friday, FINALLY! It has been an interesting week at school. My kiddo are COMPLETELY different than last year's group. I am with Stacy in that I am going to have to consider my view in a different light, so that I am not overwhelmed. Darn those school contracts, lol! After school we went shopping. I got some great bargains for Jace. I didn't find much for Kylan, but he was content with a shirt from Old Navy, so he was happy anyway. I delivered some of the much awaited for jewelry from my party. I still have a necklace that I will have on back order, as soon as I send back a bracelet that was accidentally ordered twice. We also ate at Tamollys where I ordered a chicken chimmichanga and got beef instead..YUCK! I didn't feel like waiting on it to be sent back, so I choked it down anyway. We are looking forward to a long weekend, even though our plans are small. I think we may take Kylan to a movie one night since he has gotten his super student everyday at school the last two weeks. I think he deserves some kind of award for his great behavior. We have a family reunion tomorrow. Maybe I will have time for some sewing and more reading as well. I have been in a reading kick lately and have been reading a lot of Mary Higgens Clark books. Any suggestions on any other ones I should check out? I did get two new ones at Walmart tonight on raising boys. One is suppose to be funny. We shall see... I am posting pictures of this week.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Marvelous Monday

Today was a WONDERFUL Monday! The kind of Monday that you can only wish for. My kids were perfect at school today. My class is finally starting to fall into a routine and I LIKE IT! I like a structured classroom full of familiarity. It allows the,students to know what to expect and makes for a better learning environment and less stress on everyone. So, YAY, in that aspect. I did hear Jace whine some when I left this morning, which wasn't fun, but they said he did fine at school today. Kylan did well again today, and even got his coloring sheet on the "good work board." I am constantly amazed at how well he is doing in school. When the boys and I got home we decided to play outside. It was just to nice to stay indoors. Kylan and I played a little soccer. He has decided to play again this year, perhaps with A LOT of persuassion from me, which John hates. He really enjoys himself when he gets our there and plays though, and it is much better for him then sitting in front of a video game. When John got home he took Kylan fishing, which made Kylan a very happy little boy. Today was my dad's birthday, but we are celebrating tomorrow night, since we couldn't all get together tonight. Happy Birthday dad! Well, let's hope and pray for another good day tomorrow!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

I wasn't feeling well at all this morning so Jace and I played hookie from church. We both took us a nap around 11 and slept until 1:30. I felt much better then. After our nap all of us went outside to play a little while. John took Kylan's training wheels off of his bike and let him practice without them. He did really well considering that first, he NEVER rides his bike, and second, that John didn't hold on to the bike much at all. I was SUPER proud of him. Tonight, we all went to church, even though I started feeling worse again. Tomorrow, however starts a brand new school week, so yucky feeling or not, we are all off to school. I can't start missing days this early in the game. I really prefer to say as many sick days as I can for the boys anyway. Speaking of sick kids, Jace has not had one hint of being sick since he has been out of daycare, and now after not even being there a full week, has a runny nose. FIGURES!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Whew, what a day!

We got up late this morning, which was very nice. I got up and finished some burp cloths and a wipe case that a friend ordered. Andee then brought Kylan home and we all headed to town. I delivered the baby things and ran a few errands. We then headed to Maggie's birthday party. Happy Birthday Mags! She had a cowgirl themed party complete with tattoos and face painting. The kids had a great time. We then headed to John's parents to go to the last night of the fair. All the grandkids try to meet one night to all hang out and ride the rides together. My parents also met us up there to watch the boys. Jace loved picking up a plastic duck out of the water to geta prize. Both his Papaw and his Poppie let him do that. Kylan decided that he wanted to stay the night with his Meme. I really didn't want him gone both nights of the weekend, but John told him yes before I had time to say no. That won't happen again however. Kylan just lucked out on that one. Now it is time to say goodbye to being busy for now and hopefully tomorrow will be an uneventful day.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Glad it's Friday!

Today was a really good day at school. Kylan did get a little upset this morning when he realized that his daddy and Jace got to stay at home, but he got over it quickly. He saw a little boy at school yesterday with a mowhalk and decided that he HAD to have one today. I have to stop and brag on him. He has got a "super student" note sent home everyday this week. I am bragging now because it may never happen again, lol! He has surprised me this week. I have really enjoyed eating lunch with him everyday too. I figure that since I gave Jace my lunch break last year (pumping all year) that the least I could do is give Kylan my time this year, since I have the opportunity and all. He also got his first "S" paper today. His teacher started putting grades on their papers instead of just smilies. I was super proud! Go Kylan!:) Anyway, after school we hung around the house for a very short bit before heading to town. We met my sis and my parents to eat Chinese. (Kylan voted for that one!) Oh, and I guess that I am going to have to retire my favorite outfit of Jace's. He was a "sweet little girl" at the restaurant and a store tonight. Geez, did they not notice the blue???? After supper Kylan sweet talked his Aunt Andee into letting him spend the night, so he went home with her, and we headed to Walmart as usual. I know, I fun is that? Tomorrow we may run back to town, then a birthday party, and then back to the fair. Busy, busy, busy......

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

15 months

Jace is 15 months old today!
Some of his favorite things:
He loves to dance, and LOVES his Wheels on the Bus book. (We have read it 3 times already tonight.) He also LOVES his bath. As soon as you say do you want to take a bath he heads straight to the tub. He has apparantly learned how to point to his head today, b/c anytime you ask where his head is,he smacks himself on his head. He also points to his noise(or sticks his finger in it) when you ask where his eyes are. He will also actually point to his eyes too. I guess b/c they have that same ending sound. He will also go and pull on the refrigerator door when he wants his milk, and loves to play chase and peek a boo. He still loves his paci, and will take one out of his mouth if he sees another one to replace it. Heloves to push buttons, play with cell phones,and still prefers to hide behind the dining room table to poop. He is a fabulous eater. He eats breakfast at home and again at school along with lunch and a snack. Then it is home for another snack, supper, and the bedtime snack. I only wish that I could eat like that! I can't believe how fast my sweet angel is growing!

He spent his day by going to daycare ALL DAY! They said he did a great job. Bless his heart though, I snuck in to pick him up and he was fine and playing well. As soon as I said his name he got so emotional. He came running to me and started crying. I just imagine in his little head he was saying, "It's about time mommy, where have you been and why did you leave me all day?" I was planning to leave him all day again tomorrow, but my mom said she would be in town and would pick him up early. It was a wild day at school. I had recess duty, which always makes for a different schedule day. I had one that got upset when I left for less then 5 minutes when I had to go talk to an insurance rep and then another that got upset when she fell in PE. After that, though, it seemed to go pretty well. I am just ready for more of a routine, which will thankfully start next week when we start out reading and math and they go to their activity classes. Kylan was excited that he got to come play in my room during inside recess. His class is at the other end of the hall so they split up into the four other Kindergarten rooms to play so the duty teacher can keep a good eye on all of the kids. I got a cute pic. of him and his buddy from daycare last year. Since we have been home, I got two loads of laundry done and cooked supper for us and two dishes for our extension club's rice buffet that we do to raise money. John went to church while the boys and I hung around the house exhausted from yet another busy day. My parents came over to visit with the boys a few minutes after church. Now, it's off to prepare for tomorrow....ironing clothes,etc.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The fair has rolled into town....

Today started off well again. Jace didn't cry again (seriously, keep those prayers coming everyday!) I talked to his teacher tonight and she said he was much happier today, so YAY! John's mom picked him up at 11. I picked him up after school, and as soon as I walked in, Phyllis said, "Amber, I am soooo sorry!" Not a good sign, lol! Lo and behold Jace had his first black and blue knot! He had fallen and hit her coffee table. She thought I would be upset, but I reassured her that accidents happened, and hey it's my second kid, I am A LOT more layed back. Not that it didn't bother me, but he was fine and just as content as could be. Kylan had another good day, as did I. The kiddos are still getting used to all of this school structure, but will be good to go soon. (I hope anyway, lol!) We got home to relax for a short while until John came home, and then it was off to the fair! Angela, Jeremy, and the girls met us there, and I was so thankful. Kylan LOVES sweet Maggie and had the best time riding rides with her. It is so different going to the fair then it used to be. Now that I am teaching, it seems that I get stopped by a million kids and parents before we get halfway through. It's okay with me though, I love seeing all of my previous students and how much they have grown. Anyway, we had a GREAT night! It was fun hanging out with the Wright family and the kids couldn't have had a better time! The best part was that there was not even one hint of throwing a fit when it was time to leave!