Saturday, August 2, 2008


Today we headed to the beach first thing, of course! Kylan buried his daddy in the sand, and Jace just played in the sand today, no ocean for him. The waves were a lot of fun, but kind of rough. In fact, dad got hit with a wave strong enough to knock his glasses off. They were attached to one of those string things that held them on really well, until today. Of course we never found them. I felt really bad for him. He just hasn't had the best of luck this week. Poor guy! Along came some pretty stormy looking clouds and some rain so we headed inside. We decided to go shopping a little and hit Target and Michael's. Boy do I wish we had a Michael's here. I bought lots of cute stuff at both places. I got the boys some clothes for school as well. We decided to hit the beach again later for a nice walk and to take Kylan crab hunting. John and Kylan even got brave and touched some jellyfish. Some teenagers were picking them up and said that kind didn't sting. Who knows??? After crab hunting we got to see a few fireworks. Other than that not much to report when you are relaxing at the beach! :)