Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pensacola National Naval Aviation Museum & home

Today we started off the day by loading up the vehicle and proceeding to head home. So sad....we really did want to cry. It has been a great vacation and really, who ever wants to leave the beach. After packing up we decided on one last walk on the beach. We went to a different spot for this last walk and Kylan was super excited to finally find a few shells. We were then going to head to a park and play area for the boys but never could find the exact location. A lady had told us about it, but oh well. We decided to go a little out of the way and head to Pensacola to the Natioanl Naval Aviation Museum. It was very interesting, and the best part...FREE!!! I was shocked, and so glad that we had decided to go ahead and stop. Kylan had a blast here. If you are a history buff you would love it. We seriously could have spent a whole day there if we would have looked at every single thing and read everything. Kylan and John went on a simulated ride which they said was neat. The boys also got to enjoy getting inside some of the planes and pushing buttons, etc. I even decided to crawl in one to see what it was like. Very neat! It was a lot of fun and I would totally recommend it if you ever get the chance to stop by there. We got out of there spending less than $20 and that was for the ride and two airplane toys for the boys. Not bad! It also gives you a sense of pride for all those that serve for our country. After the museum, it was on the road again to home. The boys both did very well again on the way home. We got home around midnight. I'm just sad it's already over!

Dad's lost glasses in the ocean: $300+
Kylan's lost flip flops on the beach: $14.50
All of us getting seasick on the dolphin cruise: YUCK!
Getting stung by jellyfish all week: OUCH!
Still having the best time ever with my family on the beach: PRICELESS


Chandra said...

I loved getting the scoop from your vacation! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! I'm glad the boys did so well for the ride, Lucky you! You had some great pics, can't wait to see the rest! Nick and I went to the Aviation Museum in Pensacola on our honeymoon. I thought it was pretty cool, but Nick LOVED it! See you soon!

Decker Family said...

The Aviation Museum is interesting isn't it. The Pensacola base was where Brandon was stationed his first year in the Marines. I just hated going to see him and spending time at the beach =)

Stacy said...

So glad you guys had a great time and are back home safe and sound! Yes... I did have Amber blog withdrawls! And yes, I wish we had a Micheals here too!

Shea said...

Looks/sounds like you had a super great time! You'll have to bring more pics when we meet up this week!

kristen g. said...
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kristen g. said...

Next time I go home I'm going to HAVE to take Kate to the P'cola air museum so she can sit in a blue angel. She is OBSESSED with those planes right now, she even carries a little Matchbox one around everywhere! I haven't been there since I was about 10 yrs old