Friday, August 8, 2008

Yesterday's post

I was not able to post last night, my internet wasn't working again. Yesterday was another productive day for me. I made 6 baby taggies for little bit of Christmas. Most I have made before so I am only posting a picture of the one with new fabric. The boys played outside for a little while yesterday until it started raining on us. Which lasted all of 5 minutes. It wasn't much of a shower at all, but enough to bring the mosquitos out of course. Last night I took Kylan to VBS and then John met me at his mom's house with Subway. We chatted a little while and then Dalyn stopped by with my nephew Cameron, whom we haven't seen it awhile. John went on home after the visit and I headed to visit with Tracy until time to pick up Kylan. Jace had fun playing with Tracy's kids. After VBS we came home to do an experiement with Kylan that we had seen a video of on the interent. It was suppose to be a way to make Mountain Dew glow in the dark, which of course didn't work. Poor little guy was so dissapointed. Today I made 2 more taggies and worked in my room for a little while. John watched the boys so I got lots accomplished and am ready for my new kiddos, with the exception of name tags on their cubbies, work boxes, etc. Tonight Kylan has VBS and John, Jace, and I are off to meet John's boss and his wife for an early supper.


Shea said...

I LOVE the new taggie! Let me know how dinner went!

Stacy said...

Love that fun dot fabric!