Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kindergarten Orientation/Open House

Me and one of my students (a Teacher's Kid or TK as we call them)

Kylan and his K teacher

Kylan and Aunt Andee looking around at school

Today was the last day of inservice this week! YAY!!! We had orientation this morning and got to meet most of our parents and kiddos. We then had more inservice and then open house. I have to admit after today I am looking forward to my group of parents. I am going to have an AWESOME support system with them. I think that my kiddos are going to be pretty good as well. This helps so much knowing, especially after being off all summer, and atleast coming back to a good crew, lol! Tonight John and dad went to a men's church conference in Trumann, so me, the boys, and Andrea are visiting and relaxing. The only thing now to worry about is Jace. I did talk to both of his teachers tonight (they have kiddos in school) and I have fully warned them that he will probably be a crier for a while, but that he should eventually (hopefully) adjust. I told them that if they just took him outside he should be fine (again, hopefully). He LOVES it outside, so that should help. They have a cool new playground too. We shall see! Everyone just say a HUGE prayer for me, Kylan, and Jace on Monday. Lots of new changes for us all, but we shall survive with the good Lord's help!


LindseyB said...

this comment is for andrea....I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! please tell her that for me.

amber leann said...

I will tell her! Isn't it cute!Oh, to have her hair! It looks good long and short!