Friday, August 15, 2008

What a fabulous day!

First of all....John let me sleep until 10:00! WOW! What a treat! I was feeling really yucky last night. I had chills and just a gross feeling. After sleeping in this morning I felt much better. I got up and dressed and decided that it was the perfect outside weather. Jace played with his chalk on the porch while John, Kylan, and I tossed around the football for a little while. We had sooo much fun! After that we got all got showers and headed to town.We met up with Malinda and Roy in the play area at the mall and let the kids play for while. We did some shopping and then headed to eat at Colton's with John's brother, wife, and girls. It was really nice and the kids got along really well. We then headed to the dollar store for classroom treats for next week. Kylan wanted to pick out some treasure box items for his teacher to use in their classroom. It was so sweet, he had picked out two packages of erasers, and put them in the cart. He then found some purse shaped ones and traded out, because "the girls would want these". He can be so thoughtful at times. We then headed back to the mall for me a pair of jeans that I tried on earlier, then later decided that I had to have. I also used a gift certificate in Dillards that I had (thanks Shea!) Then it was off to Walmart. I also closed my jewelry show and did end up with quite a bit of jewelry. As corrected in an earlier blog, I ended up with $317 worth. AWESOME!