Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fudpuckers and outlet shopping

Today we started out at the beach again. The jellyfish were stinging like crazy. We didn't see them so we didn't know that they were out. We asked the guy who worked at the beach, putting up umbrellas, why we were itching and stinging like crazy. He said it was tiny jellyfish that you couldn't really see that well and that they were really bad right now. We stayed out in the ocean as long as we could, but the jellyfish got the best of us and we headed to the pool. We also decided to try to eat at Fudpuckers again. It was a success. No wait at all. Kylan had a fun time feeding the alligators and holding one. Jace even got a kick out of the alligator. We then decided that since we were out we would hit the outlet malls. I got lots of great bargins for the boys for school clothes, so I was satisified. I did miss a few stores but the boys were tired and ready to head back to the beach. We took some family pictures on the beach before we took a long walk. I think we ended up walking atleast 4 miles tonight. Kylan ended up losing his flip flops, but atleast that it all it was. Another enjoyable day!