Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back to reality.....

Today and yesterday brought reality back quicker than I wanted, but it's here, so I will deal with it,lol. Today was church as usual. Church is getting a little harder every Sunday. Jace is getting harder to keep quite and still. Whew, I didn't realized it started this soon. I don't remember when Kylan started this, it was too long ago. After church we went to my parents to eat and then headed to Jonesboro to get some groceries, b/c our cubbards are bare. John wanted to go yesterday, but after the 10 hr. drive home Friday night, I didn't think the boys were up for it. Heck, I wasn't up for it. We ran to the mall first to order my birthday present, though my birthday isn't until Sept.27th. (keep that date in mind for presents!...kidding) John was in the buying mood and wanted to go get them. I should keep it a secret since my birthday is so far away, but I'm too excited, and a little shocked that John wanted to get them for me so soon. He got me two new wedding bands. I have a set now, but they don't really match my setting. They worked for the time being, but I have really been wanting new ones for a little while now. They were on sale until Sept. 1st so John wanted to go ahead and get them today. Plus we didn't know how long it would take, plus sizing them. They surprised us when they said they should be here the 12th at the lastest. Anyway, after that we went to walmart and got groceries and then headed back to church. After church is when we had a good laughing moment with Jace. He has figured out that he can put his fingers up his nose, AND thinks it is the funniest thing ever. Hmmmm, any ideas on how to stop this?????


kristen g. said...

Boys and their boogers! :)
We've started taking coloring books and a few pages of stickers to church. Since we have to wake up so much earlier on Sundays, Kate doesn't eat much breakfast--voila--snack time during worship!
Looks like ya'll had a blast in Destin, minus the jellies.

Ginger & Emma said...

First of all, may I say, your beach pictures are awesome! Nothing prettier than a family on the beach! As for the fingers up the nose, you know what comes next!?!? Yes, putting those fingers in his mouth. I can tell you first hand, gender isn't a factor in these issues. Some girls (Emma) think it is as funny as boys. Church is so tricky... Keep in mind, our first trip to church was a nightmare. She hated her dress and didn't want to be there. Six months ago was the first sermon I've heard since that noteable, "first Sunday". Now we deal with issues of what to wear to church. She doesn't want to wear a dress, only jeans or basketball shorts. Since she is four, I get to choose Sunday morning, she chooses Wednesday night. Obviously, I have no good answers on this matter. Back to the pictures, your boys are so beautiful. I know you are so proud you could just burst.