Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finally over!

We (my mom, me, and the boys) got to the hospital at 7:30 this morning to get Kylan registered for his surgery. Finally about 10:45 they took him back to have the tubes put in. Gosh, the drama of getting prepared, and it wasn't even the paper work that caused it. First they expect a five year old to want to take off all of his clothes and put on a gown with his fanny hanging out. Not fun! Especially with Kylan, so he was crying before we even got started. Then they want to check his vitals, which he cried like crazy with, gosh you would have thought it was Jace the way he wasn't cooperating. Anyway, once we calmed him down he was a big boy and sweet the rest of the day UNTIL the goofy juice. At first, he started giggling and saying I had two mouths, and then came the flood of tears. He was upset because he couldn't raise his head up, and couldn't talk right. There was no calming him down. The nurses were like, Oh he is one of those "crying drunks" with the meds. Of course it would be my child. Anyway, that was rough on us both, but I maintained my tears until after they wheeled him off. The surgery didn't take long at all, the doc. said he did have thin eardrums, whatever that means. We go back in 2 weeks (with lots of questions) so I will find out all the additional info. then. It took him about 30 min. after surgery to get calm again, he kept holding his ears crying about everything being too loud. Poor thing, he is not used to hearing "normal." Once the medicine fully wore off, he was ready to rock and roll, no holding him back. He is perfectly fine now, and hopefully we will see positive results from this experience. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers always. Thanks for thinking of us!

Monday, April 28, 2008

a few more scrapbook pages

Here are a few more scrapbooking pages I got finished today after I got Jace down for bed. Also, an update on Kylan....he will have his surgery for tubes on Wednesday...keep us in your prayers!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

John's surprise birthday party

John was so funny last night. For one, we were really late getting to the restaurant where everyone was waiting. All of our friends showed up at 6:30 or earlier. I couldn't get John up and going at home, but didn't want to give him any idea that I was planning his surprise party, so I just rushed him along the best that I could. We got there around 6:45, maybe a little after. We walked in the restaurant, and he started seeing everyone. He was like, hey there is so and so, and so and so, wow and they are all sitting together, and hey there is so and so too, that's wierd. It was one of those moments where you wanted to say, Here's your sign, ha ha! Anyway, he finally figured it out, and was excited to see everyone there for him. I had been telling him all week that we were going to go out for our anniversary, which is today, so he didn't suspect anything at all. I almost spilled the beans quite a few times, but I managed to make it. While eating, John noticed I had socks in my purse and wondered why. I told him that we were all going bowling afterwards. Again, he was like, how long have you planned this. We all had a great time bowling, and I actually got a score of 110. Yes, I am aware that this is not major exciting news, but for me it was a decent game. Second game however, I didn't fare as well. Oh well, it was fun! By the way, congrats to Christina who won a sandwich for a strike!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Great news from the ENT

We had a GREAT day today. John even let me sleep in, even though it was his birthday. How sweet was that? He was even up until 1:30 this morning cleaning frogs and got up with Jace anyway. They had a wonderful time frog gigging last night. Kylan told me all about it at midnight when they got home. We had a lazy day until about noon when we decided to go eat mexican for John's birthday. We also did some shopping and got John some cologne and new clothes. His parents also gave him some money and he is getting pipes put on his truck, so I think he did pretty well. After some shopping we headed to Kylan's ENT appt. where we waited 1 hr. and 45 minutes. It was well worth it though when we got his results. Kylan's hearing loss is NOT permanent, thank the good Lord above. He really blessed us with this news, and it really humbles you when you know he is taking care of your children. We will however, have to do a third set of tubes, and possibly two more sets in the future. He said that since Kylan has not outgrown this yet, then he probably would not until he was atleast 7 or 8. He said that he could tell that the fluid has been there awhile and that antibiotics or steriods would not help. He also said that after tubes we will most likely do allergy medicine as well to keep the fluid off since allergies run in our family. I ask when we should get the surgery because I was planning on waiting until after school was out in 4 weeks, but he recommended getting then in as soon as possible. He said he would leave the choice up to me, but the sooner the better. I am going to talk with school to see what they think so that we can do this soon. My mom said she would even take him if I could not get off of work, but she wants it done now as well. I hate to not go. I know this is a simple surgery, we've been through it twice, but it is always scary to have your child put to sleep for any reason. Thanks for all of your sweet thoughts and prayers for us during this time of concern and please keep us in your prayers until atleast after surgery. We appreciate it sooo much!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

just another lovely day

It was still a very nice day today, with just a hint of rain. Kylan's t-ball game was cancelled. I was grateful. After all this was suppose to be game two out of three this week. I love watching him and all, and we still have one more game this week and tons more before the season is over, but I was just worn out today. We had unexpected company over tonight, which was a nice surprise. John's parents came over for a visit, and our friend Jeremy. We had a nice time visiting. John and Jody are taking Kylan on his first "frog gigging" outing tomorrow night since John and I are taking off for a personal day and he won't have to get up early. Actually, I am taking a personal day, John gets a "paid birthday holiday." Must be nice! Kylan is super excited, I think just because he gets to kill a frog without getting in trouble for being mean, ha ha! I will try and post some pictures of the "big event." It should be fun for him and some good ole bonding time for the boys.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

11 months old today!

Jace is 11 months today. I can not believe it. He is such a laid back, happy baby. He had his last antibiotic shot yesterday and seems so much better today. I was so glad, because it was such a pretty day today for the boys to be outside. It was so funny to see Jace outside on a quilt. At first he would not veer from the quilt, but he finally ventured out into the grass. Kylan walked beside him, just like a little boy and his new puppy. It was sweet though. Kylan had so much fun chasing butterflies. We had a nice relaxing Sunday, church, dinner at mom and dad's house, and then some outside play. What better day could you ask for?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Did I even get a paycheck this week?

If you look closely you will see how pitiful Jace looks....

Today makes the second, no wait, the third visit to the doctor with Jace this week. Yesterday I got a call from daycare that he was running a temp. along with not eating, sleeping all day, and snotty throw-up. I was very upset and frustrated with this news, since we have been fighting this since Monday night. Every time we think that his fever is gone, it comes back. I got someone to cover my classroom and went to get Jace and we were off to the clinic. They tested him for strep and pricked his little finger. He didn't even cry when they pricked his finger, poor little guy. I asked Kylan why he threw such a big fit last week when they pricked his finger and he said, "Well, Jace had a paci!" How funny is that??? Anyway, the strep test was negative though they did say his throat looked pretty nasty, along with his nose still. The doc. decided that the antibiotics we were using were not working, (really, I didn't notice)so they gave him a shot this time. We had to go back again today for the second one, and we will have to make that trip tomorrow, yet again, for the third time. I don't mind the trips, and the no paycheck, (the doc.s might as well sign my paycheck for me), as long as he gets better. He is still running a temp. which is still worrying me, but hopefully after tomorrows shot we will show some major improvement. Again, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. On a side note Jace is clapping all of the time, dancing, giving high fives, starting to cruise furniture, and holding the phone up to his ears to talk.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The results are in....

After taking Kylan to his hearing evaluation today, the guilt set in. One reason that we are having such a tough time with him not listening to us, is actually not his fault. He has moderate hearing loss in both ears. His ear drums are not moving and they are suppose to be. The administrator said that when we are talking at our normal level, then Kylan is only hearing a whisper. He also asked if he had his tonsils and adnoids still. He was concerned when he found out that Kylan already had those removed. He said that 85% of kids with this problem were cleared of the problem once that took place, and that Kylan must not be in that percentile. He said that we need to see an ENT asap! A lot of initials in there, huh? Since I am taking a personal day next week anyway, I am going to try my best to get him in that day. On a more positive note, he said that it could still be a simple solution such as allergy testing to see if that is what is keeping his problem in his middle ear flared up. I will keep everyone posted on what the ENT says. Jace is still miserable as well. We fought fever all night again last night and still today. He did really well this morning and I thought that maybe the fever was gone, however around 6 this evening he started running a high temp. again. I am going to have to end up taking off half a day tomorrow because I have no one to keep him all day. John's mom has to work and my mom has a doc. appt. So, John's mom was gracious enough to get it worked out so that she could just wait and go in at lunch. I'm telling you, I don't know how people do it that don't have family around. I have been so fortunate for the most part to have the kids grandparents able to keep the boys if they get sick. Bless their hearts, the last two weeks they have been taking care of my boys left and right. This is when it makes me feel sooooo bad that I work, after all I'm their mommy, I should be the one that does the whole chicken soup thing. I guess you do what you have to do though. Just keep the boys in your thoughts and prayers!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sick baby

I just can't seem to keep these boys well. John's mom took Jace to the clinic today because he was running 102 temp. last night. The doc. said he had a severe sinus infection and a red throat. They would not test him for strep, even though that is what Kylan is STILL taking antibiotics for. They said babies that age usually do not get it. They did give him an antibiotic that they said would be strong enough for strep too if that was part of the problem. I also told them to go ahead and give me a steriod cream for his eczema because it is really flaring up as well. Jace is just pitiful though, so please send up some extra prayers for him. He is still running a pretty high temp. but of course has only had one dose of antibiotics so far, so maybe that will lower once we get a couple of more doses in. Kylan has a hearing screening tomorrow so I had already taken the day off, so atleast I can keep a close eye on him. Kylan had his first t-ball game tonight. They did okay considering we haven't even practiced on the field this year. Kylan was just ready for a snowcone at the end of the game. I don't even know how he could think of snowcones on an unusually cold April day like this. Anyway, keep us in your thoughts! Maybe, just maybe we can go one week without the boys being sick!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is the weekend gone already????

For starters, Kylan had no temp. Saturday! YAY!!!!! He is still cranky, but much more back to himself. You can tell he was out of school for four days though, cause he definitely has an attitude! Hopefully we will get back to more of a routine starting again tomorrow. John and I discussed a few things today about trying to get a more consistent routine for both of the boys. I think this will help him with his attitude problem. He still has days where it is tough for him to adjust to the whole "it's not just me around here anymore" thing. I knew he would have a hard time adjusting, after all, we waited until my gender ultrasound to even tell him I was expecting, because he did not want a brother or a sister. He just thought I was eating a lot, ha ha! Anyway, I just didn't think it would take THIS long, after all Jace will be a year next month. Well, atleast I will have ALL summer off this year and we can have plenty of mommy and Kylan time without me feeling guilty for leaving Jace every once in awhile. Last summer I was finishing up my Masters degree with a newborn (Jace was 2 weeks old when I started summer classes)so my summer was jam-packed. So as much as I love my kiddos at school, I am soooo ready for a summer with me and my own kiddos. Saturday we went to get groceries and then when we got back John, Kylan, and Uncle Jody went to check out part of the farm land that is under water at the moment. In fact, it only likes inches getting in my brother in laws house. They have everything up on blocks, but it still may end up getting in the house. The boys went and got on one of the tractors and rode around in the fields. They had a good time. Today we went to church as usual and then went to my sister's house for lunch. Jace was sooo funny. He would pull up underneath her glass table and try to get the items on top of the table. Too cute! I will have to wait and post pictures from this weekend because I left my camera at my sis's house.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The luck of a new truck!

First and foremost, an update on Kylan. He missed his fourth day of school today with this strep. He was running 103.8 last night without adding a degree for an underarm temp. check. First, so that I may warn you, as super scary as this is, my child ALWAYS runs around 104 everytime that he gets an infection of some sort. It is way scary, but we always do as the docs. say and dose him down with tylenol and motrin every four hours. We also do the lukewarm bath, plenty of fluids, the whole bit. We make sure that he is no where near lethargic or believe me we would be knocking down those ER doors. John's mom was going to take him to the clinic this morning after she dropped him by his school for all of his school pictures. However, he had not run any temp when I dropped him off since sometime late last night, I had assumed that it must have broken through sometime during the night. I told her that if he started running the slighest temp. to call and I would get him in the clinic asap. Well, no call all day so I was relieved about that. When I did go pick up the boys from her house he felt a little warm so I took his temp. Well, lo and behold it was 101.3 without adding the degree. I am a little aggravated that this fever is not going away, but I really think it is because he is still not wanting to drink enough fluids. So, if we are still running temp. tomorrow we are back to the clinic. I just don't want him to dehydrate or get worse and relapse. The good thing is that he is acting perfectly normal and not laying around sickly and all. So, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!!! About the luck of my truck, of all things, I backed into a trailer at the in- laws house. It was so low to the ground (and usually not there) so I didn't even see it. That's how it goes though, I've had it two weeks today. It's really not that bad though, thank goodness, but it made me sick.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

crazy week

I haven't posted as much lately, but it has been a crazy week. We had Sat-10 testing on Monday and Tuesday of this week and a visit from "state monitiors" at school today. It was a day that we were encouraged not to miss. Of course, this ended up being a day I really needed to miss, but did not. I ended up taking Kylan to the clinic after school yesterday. He was running a high temp., and had chills. He slept all day yesterday, poor thing. He tested positive for strep and was given an antibiotic shot because his white blood count was really elevated. When we left the clinic he still had 103.3temp. so they told us to keep a close eye on it, and bring him back if it didn't do better today. By bedtime he was throwing up Motrin so we had to give him another dose. He stayed at John's mom's today until 1:00 and then my mom had to go get him because she had a meeting. He started throwing up again when I called to check on him so I took off at 2:15 to go get him. Since mom has had pneumonia she hasn't had much energy, plus I don't really want them giving their germs back and forth to each other anymore than they have to. It was so funny though, yesterday at the clinic the nurse asked Kylan if he wanted a drink of water after they dosed him down with tylenol and he said yes. Well, she stated to him that it would probably wet his whistle, and poor Kylan said, "but I don't know how to whistle!" Kids say the funniest things. Anyway, he is not going to school tomorrow, I want him to get over this well, without relapse. Then he can go back Friday. He only goes until noon on Fridays anyway, so his first day back won't even be a long one. Plus he has preschool graduation/Spring/class pictures Friday morning and I don't want him to miss all of those. I recieved Jace's first birthday invitations in and wanted to share them. I can't brag on my friend Christina enough, THEY ARE AWESOME!!! They are even metallic like in person, you can't see it well in the pictures, but are fabulous!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

razorback scrap page

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A lazy day!

We didn't do a lot today. Went to church as usual and then kinda just relaxed. Kylan and John stayed outside quite a bit. I took Jace out and we took a few pictures, but it was a little windy, so we didn't stay out long. It is so funny though, if you put Jace down on the ground with no socks on he refuses to put his feet down. It is simple entertainment, but loads of fun! I am so proud of my little man. He is FINALLY crawling (the correct way, rather), all over the place. He is even clapping when you say YAY JACE!!! So, sweet! Can't believe he will be a year old next month.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A few more scrapbooking pages

I went to my friend Tracy's house tonight and was able to download tons of cute digital scrapbooking items. My internet is WAY to slow to get anything accomplished. I thought I would share. I am still learning, but it is so much fun! Just an update of things that we have done this weekend....Friday night we went out to eat with friends Christina and Jarrod at a new mexican restaurant. It was very nice getting to eat out with friends. Today was spent basically being lazy, however we did go eat at John's mom and dad's house for supper. They had some family in who wanted to see the boys. After that we went to my friend Tracy's house. Her girls kept my boys entertained so we could get some school things accomplished. Tomorrow is off to church and dinner at our house. Maybe we will even have time to get in a card game!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just some pics..

Hmmmm, what did I look like as a baby???

Jace helping load the dishwasher!!!

Kylan outside!

See my snack!

Want a bite???

Nevermind, I think I want it!

Thought I would just add some pictures I took today of the boys.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ball practice in a barn???

I did NOT want to get up this morning. For some reason it always hits me on Tues. how tired I am instead of on Monday. Kylan had ball practice this afternoon so we basically came home long enough to get his gear and then back to town for practice. We had to have it inside a barn because everywhere else has been so muddy. It was interesing though because I thought the kids would never be able to concentrate with all of the horses around, but they really impressed me. They did well and Kylan was so proud of himself for hitting the ball when it was thrown to him. That may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but he is used to that tell so much and is very dependent on it. We have practice again Thurs. night. It gets quite tiring to have it twice a week, but I'm glad that Kylan had the opportunity to play.