Saturday, April 5, 2008

A few more scrapbooking pages

I went to my friend Tracy's house tonight and was able to download tons of cute digital scrapbooking items. My internet is WAY to slow to get anything accomplished. I thought I would share. I am still learning, but it is so much fun! Just an update of things that we have done this weekend....Friday night we went out to eat with friends Christina and Jarrod at a new mexican restaurant. It was very nice getting to eat out with friends. Today was spent basically being lazy, however we did go eat at John's mom and dad's house for supper. They had some family in who wanted to see the boys. After that we went to my friend Tracy's house. Her girls kept my boys entertained so we could get some school things accomplished. Tomorrow is off to church and dinner at our house. Maybe we will even have time to get in a card game!!!


Laura said...

You are so creative!! I love the scrapbooking. Hope Kylan feels better. I hate to see them sick. Have a better week!