Thursday, April 24, 2008

Great news from the ENT

We had a GREAT day today. John even let me sleep in, even though it was his birthday. How sweet was that? He was even up until 1:30 this morning cleaning frogs and got up with Jace anyway. They had a wonderful time frog gigging last night. Kylan told me all about it at midnight when they got home. We had a lazy day until about noon when we decided to go eat mexican for John's birthday. We also did some shopping and got John some cologne and new clothes. His parents also gave him some money and he is getting pipes put on his truck, so I think he did pretty well. After some shopping we headed to Kylan's ENT appt. where we waited 1 hr. and 45 minutes. It was well worth it though when we got his results. Kylan's hearing loss is NOT permanent, thank the good Lord above. He really blessed us with this news, and it really humbles you when you know he is taking care of your children. We will however, have to do a third set of tubes, and possibly two more sets in the future. He said that since Kylan has not outgrown this yet, then he probably would not until he was atleast 7 or 8. He said that he could tell that the fluid has been there awhile and that antibiotics or steriods would not help. He also said that after tubes we will most likely do allergy medicine as well to keep the fluid off since allergies run in our family. I ask when we should get the surgery because I was planning on waiting until after school was out in 4 weeks, but he recommended getting then in as soon as possible. He said he would leave the choice up to me, but the sooner the better. I am going to talk with school to see what they think so that we can do this soon. My mom said she would even take him if I could not get off of work, but she wants it done now as well. I hate to not go. I know this is a simple surgery, we've been through it twice, but it is always scary to have your child put to sleep for any reason. Thanks for all of your sweet thoughts and prayers for us during this time of concern and please keep us in your prayers until atleast after surgery. We appreciate it sooo much!