Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sick baby

I just can't seem to keep these boys well. John's mom took Jace to the clinic today because he was running 102 temp. last night. The doc. said he had a severe sinus infection and a red throat. They would not test him for strep, even though that is what Kylan is STILL taking antibiotics for. They said babies that age usually do not get it. They did give him an antibiotic that they said would be strong enough for strep too if that was part of the problem. I also told them to go ahead and give me a steriod cream for his eczema because it is really flaring up as well. Jace is just pitiful though, so please send up some extra prayers for him. He is still running a pretty high temp. but of course has only had one dose of antibiotics so far, so maybe that will lower once we get a couple of more doses in. Kylan has a hearing screening tomorrow so I had already taken the day off, so atleast I can keep a close eye on him. Kylan had his first t-ball game tonight. They did okay considering we haven't even practiced on the field this year. Kylan was just ready for a snowcone at the end of the game. I don't even know how he could think of snowcones on an unusually cold April day like this. Anyway, keep us in your thoughts! Maybe, just maybe we can go one week without the boys being sick!