Friday, April 18, 2008

Did I even get a paycheck this week?

If you look closely you will see how pitiful Jace looks....

Today makes the second, no wait, the third visit to the doctor with Jace this week. Yesterday I got a call from daycare that he was running a temp. along with not eating, sleeping all day, and snotty throw-up. I was very upset and frustrated with this news, since we have been fighting this since Monday night. Every time we think that his fever is gone, it comes back. I got someone to cover my classroom and went to get Jace and we were off to the clinic. They tested him for strep and pricked his little finger. He didn't even cry when they pricked his finger, poor little guy. I asked Kylan why he threw such a big fit last week when they pricked his finger and he said, "Well, Jace had a paci!" How funny is that??? Anyway, the strep test was negative though they did say his throat looked pretty nasty, along with his nose still. The doc. decided that the antibiotics we were using were not working, (really, I didn't notice)so they gave him a shot this time. We had to go back again today for the second one, and we will have to make that trip tomorrow, yet again, for the third time. I don't mind the trips, and the no paycheck, (the doc.s might as well sign my paycheck for me), as long as he gets better. He is still running a temp. which is still worrying me, but hopefully after tomorrows shot we will show some major improvement. Again, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. On a side note Jace is clapping all of the time, dancing, giving high fives, starting to cruise furniture, and holding the phone up to his ears to talk.