Friday, April 11, 2008

The luck of a new truck!

First and foremost, an update on Kylan. He missed his fourth day of school today with this strep. He was running 103.8 last night without adding a degree for an underarm temp. check. First, so that I may warn you, as super scary as this is, my child ALWAYS runs around 104 everytime that he gets an infection of some sort. It is way scary, but we always do as the docs. say and dose him down with tylenol and motrin every four hours. We also do the lukewarm bath, plenty of fluids, the whole bit. We make sure that he is no where near lethargic or believe me we would be knocking down those ER doors. John's mom was going to take him to the clinic this morning after she dropped him by his school for all of his school pictures. However, he had not run any temp when I dropped him off since sometime late last night, I had assumed that it must have broken through sometime during the night. I told her that if he started running the slighest temp. to call and I would get him in the clinic asap. Well, no call all day so I was relieved about that. When I did go pick up the boys from her house he felt a little warm so I took his temp. Well, lo and behold it was 101.3 without adding the degree. I am a little aggravated that this fever is not going away, but I really think it is because he is still not wanting to drink enough fluids. So, if we are still running temp. tomorrow we are back to the clinic. I just don't want him to dehydrate or get worse and relapse. The good thing is that he is acting perfectly normal and not laying around sickly and all. So, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!!! About the luck of my truck, of all things, I backed into a trailer at the in- laws house. It was so low to the ground (and usually not there) so I didn't even see it. That's how it goes though, I've had it two weeks today. It's really not that bad though, thank goodness, but it made me sick.