Tuesday, April 22, 2008

just another lovely day

It was still a very nice day today, with just a hint of rain. Kylan's t-ball game was cancelled. I was grateful. After all this was suppose to be game two out of three this week. I love watching him and all, and we still have one more game this week and tons more before the season is over, but I was just worn out today. We had unexpected company over tonight, which was a nice surprise. John's parents came over for a visit, and our friend Jeremy. We had a nice time visiting. John and Jody are taking Kylan on his first "frog gigging" outing tomorrow night since John and I are taking off for a personal day and he won't have to get up early. Actually, I am taking a personal day, John gets a "paid birthday holiday." Must be nice! Kylan is super excited, I think just because he gets to kill a frog without getting in trouble for being mean, ha ha! I will try and post some pictures of the "big event." It should be fun for him and some good ole bonding time for the boys.