Friday, January 30, 2009

A little retail therapy.....

GOES A LONG WAY!!! After all of this crazy weather I was in the mood to shop. Kylan ended up with two new pairs of shoes, John a shirt, and me 4 shirts and a FABULOUS jacket. All on sale of course, which makes it even better! We ate supper with John's parents again this weekend. It seems to be coming a trend. We are now at home relaxing.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Toy hot wheels cars= toilet problems

Apparantly Jace has placed 2 hot wheels cars in the toilet. We have been having problems with the Master Bath and wondering what the deal was. John managed to find one car and heard another go on through. Bathroom doors will be closed from now on, lol!

What a week!

Well, I am at least part of the group of people that have my power back. I am VERY grateful for that. Tuesday we headed to school for our 100th day of school celebration. We were down in number b/c of the weather. We still had a fun day. I got a call from a parent of one of my kiddos from last year, who wanted to tell me how much fun they had in my room last year on the 100th day, which made me feel wonderful! I have to say I was a slacker this year and didn't do a shirt with 100 things. Last year I got out lipstick, which I NEVER wear and kissed a shirt 100 times. This year I intended on participating but didn't really think we would end of having school. Therefore I had to rush to do Kylan's shirt with 100 cotton balls during my conference period so that he wouldn't feel left out. Though what do you know, after 10 minutes he had it off. Go figure! When I got home Tuesday my mom said our electric had just gone out. Soooooo, we stayed at her house for heat, b/c they have a gas fireplace. John brought us all home a pizza since we couldn't cook and we stayed the night with them. John also brought home a small power pack thing so that we could watch DVDs on the laptop in the dark. Jace just didn't know what to think about it all. Bless their hearts, my parents gave up their King size bed for us 4 and mom slept on the little couch and dad on the floor upstairs. Of course there was no school Wed. and today. Yesterday we loaded up and went to John's parents for entertainment and food. They have a generator so the kids could watch DVDs, play, and of course get fed a hot meal. We prepared to stay with my parents again for the night b/c John's sister and kids, and John's bro. and his wife and son all stayed there. We got a call however that our power was on so we were fortunate enough to get to sleep in our own beds last night. Stacy and her kiddos came over for a little while to play today. They are still without electricity. There are still tons without electricity, but as of now we will have school tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I wonder what it's like to walk in her shoes?

Hmmmm, it must be harder than I thought, I didn't make it very far.......(says Jace)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

new stuff

Jace was up all night coughing so needless to say we did not go to church this morning. John and Kylan went of course, but Jace and I stayed home. Jace sounds croupy and I just didn't want to get him out in the cold. I swear he stayed so well over Christmas break and the minute we go back to daycare...runny, snotty noise. I know it is just the fact that he is in daycare, but geez. He really has been a healthy baby. I know it seems as if he is always sick, but it is never anything more than the runny, nasty nose. He has only had 4 ear infections, whereas Kylan by this age had already had 14-20 and his first set of tubes. We are thankful that Jace is healthy. Anyway....while I am home from church I decided to finish an order and to post a picture of a canvas bag I did for Jace last night. His diaper bag was starting to look pitiful, plus we don't really need a large bag anymore. One that holds a few diapers, wipes, and snacks is enough. Man are those appliques a pain in the rear, but I like being able to select my own fabric for them. I am also posting a pic of Jace in an outfit from Pattycakes. It is super cute, but I probably should have got the 2T.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

shopping fun

Well this week went by pretty quickly and again the weekend is almost gone. Thursday night was bunco at my house. We had a great time. I don't think that I have laughed that hard in a very long time. Friday John took Brax to the vet for shots and to get him a tag with our info on it. We found out that he is about 4 months old, and his going to be a very big dog. They said he is very well behaved and they were very impressed with him. I honestly have not even heard him bark even though he has now been at our house for 8 days. He is a good dog, and yes that is hard for me to admit, since I have been sooooo against getting a pet. Friday night we went and got groceries and then this morning was Shea's second baby shower. She got lots of great stuff. I had to take Jace to the shower, John was duck hunting for the final weekend (YAY!) He was whiny but all in all ok though I can't say the same for when we went shopping this afternoon. He has been sooooo cranky the rest of the evening. We also met John's parents and ate supper with them and his sister and her kids. I was in much need of some shopping and got some great deals today, so I am happy! Oh, I can't believe I almost forgot..... John's name is in a Rod & Custom magazine for his paint on a car. He is proud and excited!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To be that happy......

with a laundry bag! Jace has played with that silly thing all night long. He will walk around with it on his head and then fall down and say, "Oh gosh!"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Important Day

Today was a very important day for obvious reasons. A not so obvious reason however, is that Jace is 20 months old on the 20th. He ran a low grade temp today, but I'm am hoping it is that he is maybe cutting 2 yr. molars maybe. Another important event today was that I got invited to eat breakfast with Kylan at school this morning for his perfect attendance. He was so excited to see Maggie there, and I of course enjoyed the visit with Angela. We also had a duck program and it snowed briefly while at school. Other important things in our household.....Kylan has now gone almost 2 weeks sleeping completely by himself (without his daddy having to lay down with him until he falls asleep.) Jace is only taking a paci at nap time and bed time. (And it is going MUCH better than I anticipated) We have "adopted" the stray dog and given him the name Brax. All small things but big deals to us. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting ahead...

Today I decided to get ahead and make Jace a shirt for Valentine's Day. I have also already ordered plastic shovels to make crafts for the classrooms for V-Day. (Mine, Kylan's, and Jace's) They are the same ones I made last year, but different kids, so I should be able to get away with not having to find a new idea for at least this year. I still have a few orders that I could have worked on today, but have saved for tomorrow. I had a social day though, Malinda, her hubby, and kids came by, as well as Stacy and Jake. Kylan of course had a ball with all of the kids, and was super excited to play outside on the ice with Jake. They will probably both have pneumonia by the end of this week (sorry Stac) but I it did look like fun. I remember sliding on the ice with Andrea when we were little. We would stay out for hours. John has also fell in love with a stray Lab that is hanging around the house. He is begging to keep it if no one claims him. I have nothing against animals, it just isn't logical around here. No fence, me to take care of it, vet bills, and another mouth to feed. If I want another mouth to feed I would prefer a baby, lol. Tonight I plan to finish another book I have been reading, and maybe start on another one once the kiddos are in bed. Kylan is already passed out on the couch from his hard play today. Hope he sleeps tonight!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay, so I was reading Kristen's blog and she was tagged and had to deliver 6 random facts about herself. I asked her who she tagged and she said anyone willing to play, which would be me of course. I love random facts about people, so I guess I can post them anytime, but it gave me an excuse to do it, lol. (Thanks Kristen!) Okay so here goes.......(and there may be more of these later)

1. I am double-jointed. It made for a difficult time cheering, I had to learn to control which way my elbows would go for correct form for the cheers. It also really grosses people out to see me sitting with my elbow all weird, especially since I don't pay attention until I see them looking sick-like while pointing to it, lol.

2. I CAN'T sing, AT ALL. My mom used to make us sing when we were little at church, but we were kids then and no one cared. Now, however, I could send people across the continent running so fast they wouldn't know what crazy sound they heard.

3. I am scared of owls. Why you ask? My mother. When my sister and I were small we would go next door and eat supper at my grandmothers often. We would get bored after supper and want to go home and play. My mom told us it was fine as long as we (Andrea & I) held hands and ran as fast as we could home, or the owls would fly after our pigtails. I still cringe when I hear an owl's whoo, hoo.

4. I hate feet. I think they are disgusting. They just look gross. I can't stand when someone (particularly John at bedtime) puts their feet on me. YUCK!

5. I have a weird belly button. Don't know if it has always been weird, or if it happened after the births of my children, but it is high on my stomach. My sister and Christina can both verify this.

6. I would love to play football and soccer. an adult. It would be sooooo much fun. I have boys that hate sports, and it really breaks my heart. I keep praying that they will change their minds someday so that I can be one of those crazy mommas in the stands, lol.

Okay, so there they are....random, and yes weird, but I am who I am, and hopefully you still love me the same, lol.

I am tagging EVERYONE that is on my blog roll. Kristen is exempt of course, since she started us off. Have fun!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brrrrr....It's COLD outside!

Okay, so I haven't been blogging as much as usual, but there just doesn't seem much to blog about lately. Monday night was spent relaxing. Yesterday was a little hectic. I had a faculty meeting after school and then had my first Young Women's meeting to attend. As soon as I got out of my school meeting I went to John's mom's to pick up the boys. Kylan was asleep so I left him for John to pick up. I got Jace and came home to cook for the women's meeting. It was a lot of fun. There are lots of great ways that this club commits to our community and helping it, so I am proud to be a member. Today was not bad. I am enjoying a clean house and not stressing about that. John went to church, but it is just too cold to drag out the boys. I HATE winter. I honestly do despise wearing jackets, socks, and closed-toed shoes. YUCK! Anyway, that's it for now!!! Hope everyone is having a good week!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Intentions gone, along with the weekend...

Well, looking back at yesterday's intentions.....they were good, but didn't get done. I did get the house almost all cleaned. I still need to do some more dusting and mopping, but for the most part I feel much better about the way it looks. The laundry only got half done, the rest I am working on now, along with the last of my "hornet" things to embroider. Haircuts did not happen either. I did manage to trim Jace's hair, but John and Kylan's will have to wait until sometime this week. What did we manage to do yesterday??? All three boys played and played and played. We also managed a trip to town to get groceries. I also stopped by Tiff's to get on her and baby Camilla. Camilla was sleeping in her crib so I didn't want to disturb her, but can't wait to hold her next time. Today was spent relaxing with company. My parents cooked dinner for us and the preacher and his wife. It was nice visiting. Tomorrow starts yet another school week. Gosh I'm ready for summer, lol!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday intentions...

Well, on my list of things to do today are the following: clean, clean, and clean some more. Oh, and about 2 loads of laundry, haircuts for the boys (big boy John too), and finishing up orders. I haven't blogged since Tues. but there hasn't been just a lot to blog about. I have been working my fanny off on orders every night since Wed. I was up until after midnight last night finishing an order for a baby shower that in fact, I was suppose to attend today. I just have too much going on. John took Gatlin to his basketball game this morning and Kylan is chomping at the bits for them to come home so that he can play. While the boys are playing I have 4 orders left to work on for the next week. Maybe, just maybe on can get my list achieved with 3 boys on the loose. What do you think my chances are?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet debut

Since I debuted Camilla's wall letters, and now that little one is FINALLY here, I can debut her picture. Stacy and I went to see the sweet new arrival tonight. Poor Tiff, they started inducing around 6 yesterday morning, and after staying dilated to 8 for several long hours, they finally did a C-section, I believe around 10:30 last night. Jeff called me at around 11:40 to let me know. I had told him to call family first of course, and then me no matter what time. I was so excited to get out of bed for that phone call. She weighed 8lbs even, and is cute as a button. She has wonderful color, and she looks like her daddy. I can't wait until I get to hold her again. It was so nice holding a little girl too. Again, not to be redundant all of the time, but MAYBE SOMEDAY!!! Speaking of kids....I was soooo proud of Kylan today. He was proud of himself as well. He counted to 100 all by himself. His teacher was testing some of the kids at nap time and he begged her to let him come up there. She told me that she said, Kylan you already know everything I am testing on, so you don't have to come up here." He convinced her that he could count to 100 and so she said sure. He did and asked if he could get in the treasure box and again she told him to have at it. He has been struggling to count to 100 for quite some time, messing up at 59 and then able to count everything else, with some hesitantly. Today however, was his day! That is all he has talked about. So anyway, I am one proud momma!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Camilla's name

I am posting a pic. of Tiffany's wall letters for baby Camilla. I think they turned out super cute. Her nursery is going to be in pink, white, green, and black. She picked out some great papers for the letters!

Baby Shower Fun

Today was church as usual, along with a fun baby shower for Shea and baby Madden. We had a lot of fun visiting and catching up, as well as seeing all of Madden's cute baby stuff. I am posting pics of some of the shower as well as another gift that I finished. Also, the cake that mom and I made for the shower with Shea's nursery colors, and some random pics from the last couple of days.