Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay, so I was reading Kristen's blog and she was tagged and had to deliver 6 random facts about herself. I asked her who she tagged and she said anyone willing to play, which would be me of course. I love random facts about people, so I guess I can post them anytime, but it gave me an excuse to do it, lol. (Thanks Kristen!) Okay so here goes.......(and there may be more of these later)

1. I am double-jointed. It made for a difficult time cheering, I had to learn to control which way my elbows would go for correct form for the cheers. It also really grosses people out to see me sitting with my elbow all weird, especially since I don't pay attention until I see them looking sick-like while pointing to it, lol.

2. I CAN'T sing, AT ALL. My mom used to make us sing when we were little at church, but we were kids then and no one cared. Now, however, I could send people across the continent running so fast they wouldn't know what crazy sound they heard.

3. I am scared of owls. Why you ask? My mother. When my sister and I were small we would go next door and eat supper at my grandmothers often. We would get bored after supper and want to go home and play. My mom told us it was fine as long as we (Andrea & I) held hands and ran as fast as we could home, or the owls would fly after our pigtails. I still cringe when I hear an owl's whoo, hoo.

4. I hate feet. I think they are disgusting. They just look gross. I can't stand when someone (particularly John at bedtime) puts their feet on me. YUCK!

5. I have a weird belly button. Don't know if it has always been weird, or if it happened after the births of my children, but it is high on my stomach. My sister and Christina can both verify this.

6. I would love to play football and soccer. an adult. It would be sooooo much fun. I have boys that hate sports, and it really breaks my heart. I keep praying that they will change their minds someday so that I can be one of those crazy mommas in the stands, lol.

Okay, so there they are....random, and yes weird, but I am who I am, and hopefully you still love me the same, lol.

I am tagging EVERYONE that is on my blog roll. Kristen is exempt of course, since she started us off. Have fun!


Amy Barrett said...

Interesting Amber! Very Interesting!

Cute list.

kristen g. said...

I'm going to have scary owl dreams. :) haha. Thanks for sharing!

Shea said...

Not weird at all...they are part of what makes you such an amazing person!

Stacy said...

I am double jointed too!