Sunday, January 25, 2009

new stuff

Jace was up all night coughing so needless to say we did not go to church this morning. John and Kylan went of course, but Jace and I stayed home. Jace sounds croupy and I just didn't want to get him out in the cold. I swear he stayed so well over Christmas break and the minute we go back to daycare...runny, snotty noise. I know it is just the fact that he is in daycare, but geez. He really has been a healthy baby. I know it seems as if he is always sick, but it is never anything more than the runny, nasty nose. He has only had 4 ear infections, whereas Kylan by this age had already had 14-20 and his first set of tubes. We are thankful that Jace is healthy. Anyway....while I am home from church I decided to finish an order and to post a picture of a canvas bag I did for Jace last night. His diaper bag was starting to look pitiful, plus we don't really need a large bag anymore. One that holds a few diapers, wipes, and snacks is enough. Man are those appliques a pain in the rear, but I like being able to select my own fabric for them. I am also posting a pic of Jace in an outfit from Pattycakes. It is super cute, but I probably should have got the 2T.


Stacy said...

Ruby Kate keeps a clear runny nose, but I think hers is more allergies than daycare crud. Hope he is better soon. Super cute bag! It turned out great!

Mickey and Jessica said...

love the new background!! and the outfit from patty cakes! i really need to go there!