Friday, October 30, 2009

What a week!

The cupcakes from a few posts ago. Not the best, but they worked!

Sunday was church and then Shea, Chandra, & I headed to town to help host Cassie's baby shower. She got lots of great girly things (so jealous!) Monday started off with back to work. My Godmother had heart surgery also. Tuesday Kylan has his second flu shot and did great! Wednesday after school I had a baby doc. visit. I have gained 6 lbs since my last visit! HOLY COW! That is a total of 9 lbs. so far and I am just 17 wks. I sure hope I don't gain that much every month. My bp was good and the baby's heartbeat was 160 so everything looked great. Afterwards mom & I went to the hospital to see my memaw (godmother) in ICU. We took turns since I had Jace with me. Kylan had gone to work with his daddy during my doc visit. She was doing good considering. Today is a different story, but she is hanging in their like a trooper. Last night I had dyslexia training and had it again today. We got news today that my bro-in-law (who has been in ICU since last Friday) has taken a turn for the worse. Quick info on him: he is a bad diabetic and keeps fluid around his heart. He has been on a ventilator since last Friday to aid with breathing. This had happened many times with his problems but he is usually fine after a few days in the hospital. He was breathing 30% on his own this Tues. and was considered in stable condition. He tested positive for staff on Wed. so I didn't go see him while I was there for my Memaw. John's sis said since I was pregnant that I needed to stay away. Today they are having a hard time getting him to stay awake and he now has fluid on the brain. So please say a prayer for him and the family. He and John's sister have two wonderful children who are 17 & 12. I also got word early this morning that one of my closet friend's Angela's mother was in a car accident last night. She is in the Med and will has a broken leg and lacerations on her liver. They can not do surgery on her leg until they know that the liver is healing on its own. Please say a prayer for them as well. It is super hard to see a parent in pain. My daddy's bad wreck was almost 5 yrs ago & I still cry when I think about it, and he is just fine now. Please keep us all in your thoughts & prayers! Lots of people need it. Today I had training again, so John & mom took Jace to his Halloween party at school. He is a Razorback football player this year. I have training again tomorrow (if everything stays as is) and then of course trick or treating tomorrow night. Here are some pictures from Jace's party at school. By the way, the elementary school doesn't do Halloween parties, so I promise we weren't leaving Kylan out! Sorry for such a long post and all the pics but I had a lot of catching up to do and with currant circumstances I don't know when I will be updating again.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

16 weeks

In baby news...I am 16 weeks already, which is crazy. To me it seems like I should be much farther along. We have known for soooo long since I took the 5 day early test that I feel like I should be 6 mths or so. I have been feeling our sweet angel moving around some which is always such a neat thing. I am ready for the boys and John to be able to feel though. It was funny though, the other night Kylan looked at my tummy and said. "Wow momma, you really are having a baby huh?" For some reason at night I swell and am so much bigger than during the day. I did this with both boys. Jace though heard what Kylan said and raised my shirt and kept repeating, "Where?, Where?" I got so tickled at him. Plus he has a northern accent when he says the word where. It cracks us up!

A boy and his dogs????

Okay so when I come home from inservice Friday there is a puppy on the porch. WHAT?? Another stray dog!!! I swear this one is NOT staying!!! Kylan is already begging to go get her a collar. At least I would finally have a girl around here though, ha!

Catching up yet again....

Well from where I left off....Saturday was training all day and I felt HORRIBLE! I think it was just a sinus infection. Sunday I stayed home from church and just laid around all day. I got up long enough to load the dishwasher and a few loads of laundry. I am still not 100% over this, but not much I can take so I am just dealing. Monday started a new week, just as busy though. Jace had his 2nd flu shot and didn't even cry! Such a big boy! I had a staff meeting Tues. after school and the rest of the week flew by too. I had P/T conferences until 7 Thurs night which makes for a very long day. I had all but one parent show so that was a good thing. Friday we had inservice and then headed to town to run some errands. I have worked on orders all day today and am still behind as usual. It is sooo much easier to do orders in the summer. If only I could stay home full time!

Friday, October 16, 2009

No slowing down...

It just seems to be getting busier and busier around here! Starting from my last post....let's see....boys all got haircuts (their daddy as well!)...John and Kylan went to our church brotherhood meeting Saturday morning while Jace & I hung out around the house, and me doing orders on the side....Oh we ate Chinese with John's parents on Friday night also. Church on Sunday...more orders then on to a busy school week. Monday after school I rushed home to make cupcakes for our Young Women's meeting. I was one of the hosts and we decided to dress up. I was a bumblebee (seems to fit my "busy little bee" theme lately, ha!) The meeting was very efficient and we got our fundraisers in order for the year to help the community. Tuesday night was nothing thank goodness because I had something every night the rest of the week. Wednesday night church of course, and then last night I had a dyslexia training. I also had the training again today and then again all day tomorrow. I am exhausted!!! I have this 3 day training again in 2 wks along with homework that goes with it. What fun! Anyway, tonight we ate with John's parents again. Kylan and Gatlin decided to stay at Meme & Poppies tonight, so it is just us and Jace, which means it is MUCH quieter tonight, ha! The pictures of my cupcakes are on mom's camera so I will have to post them some other time, but the tomato soup picture is just something I thought the boys would enjoy! It is just mini cookie cutters for fall!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A few fall photos

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another busy week

Gosh, another busy week! Monday started school again for the week. I had inservice/training Monday & Tuesday after school from 3:30-5:30. John met me at his parents both nights to pick up the boys and we ate supper with them. It was late when we got home both of those nights. Wednesday was school and then Shea, her mom, and sweet Madden stopped by. I was sooooo embarrassed b/c my house was such a disaster. With not being home the two previous nights long I have done NOTHING in the house. And to add to that embarrassment....Kylan showed out something AWFUL! I was never more mortified in my life. (SOOOO sorry you had to witness that Shea!!!) Needless to say he has been MUCH better the last two days since he was sent to his room the rest of the night until church and then had to go straight back after church. He is just into this phase where all he wants to do is aggravate his brother. UGH, it is driving me NUTS! John & I talked about it and I think are finally on a united front with him on discipline and it already seems to have helped. We talked about how we were about to add a third baby in the mix and that this pestering siblings just wasn't going to cut it. Anyway......keep us in your prayers with him, well both boys for that matter, lol! I have also worked on orders this week as always and have tons to work on tomorrow. Today John ate lunch with Kylan for good behavior all week at school. I also have some cute pics of the boys in their new rain boots from Mini Boden! LOVE THEM!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

10 yr CCHS reunion

Friday night was part 1 of our 10 year high school reunion. We got to tour the high school and see all of the changes, and then we went to the ballgame. We were late of course, but still got to the end of the tour. It was hard to even picture being back in those halls. It was "family" night so we had the kids with us. We only stayed until halftime with it being so windy and Kylan still being on anitbiotics. I think everyone left though at the same time. We didn't have a big turnout but it was still nice to visit. Saturday night was part 2 at the brickhouse. More people joined us for that. It was much easier to visit without the kiddos and the cold. I honestly didn't think anyone had changed that much....everyone looked great & happy! It was a lot of fun even though there wasn't many of us! Sorry that some of the pictures are so small, they were the ones people tagged me in on facebook!

13 wks

My doc. appt. went great on Friday! I have gained 3 lbs so far. My blood pressure was good and the baby's heartbeat was 168. All of my bloodwork was fine also. I was suprised that I wasn't anemic as tired as I am staying, but at least I wasn't yet. I took iron with both boys for this problem, and I am sure it will catch up with me, but for now we are good!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My sick little boy

Wednesday Kylan returned to school to be sent home with 101.6. By the time we got home and settled it was up to 103.1. I called the clinic back and got him some antibiotics. All he was wanting to do was sleep and he hasn't been eating. John's mom kept him yesterday for me. He didn't run a temp until about 3 again. It wasn't as high though, around 101. He will stay at home with John today since John is off on Fridays. Poor kids hasn't even been to school a full day this week. His teacher has been really supportive of him staying at home to get well (hmmm wonder if he is a stinker in class? lol) She has been sending his work home and says that she will help him prepare for the 3 tests he has missed this week. He seems to be feeling much better since he started the antibiotics, so keep him in your prayers that he can get completely well by Monday. I have a baby doc appt today and part of my 10 year reunion tonight. Pictures soon!