Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm soooo HAP-PEE

Either Jace is saying Happy or have to Pee, but either way it is getting so exciting to hear Jace FINALLY starting to say a few new words. Believe me, he is still far from where he should be, but we are excited none-the-less. Words Jace is saying: Bye Bye, momma, da da, Happy, woof, meow, hot, bite, yum (more like mmmmmm), yay, whoa, eyes, & ouch.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lunch Date

Yesterday was spent being lazy, lazy, and more lazy. I spent a little while reading, which I have done quite a lot over my break. I love to read. I guess I should try reading the Twilight series. Today I met up with Shea, Chandra, and Cassie to eat lunch at Colten's. We had a great time catching up as always, and of course seeing sweet little Caden. He is getting so big! Just makes me want another one, lol. I am so sad that this week is already flying by so fast. We aren't sure yet what are plans are for New Year's Eve. I'm sure it won't be anything big, but sometimes simple is good enough for me!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What life has consisted of since Christmas.....

Video games, playing, and more video games!!!

We, ummmm, I mean the boys are really enjoying their rock band. It is sooo much fun. Seriously, I thought everyone was just being a little dramatic when they said how addictive it was. But now, I understand. I get soooo excited to just get through a song without being booed off. Then when I get through a song, then I just want to see how good my percentage was. So far, 97% is the best I have done. Which would be totally awesome, if I wasn't so embarrassed to admit that it is on the "easy" level, lol. I haven't tried the drums yet, I'm a little scared to be honest. Though if I ever did take some kind of lessons, it would so be the drums. Maybe one day, when my kids are grown I can take lessons, and then I would be the cool rocker mom that could jam on the drums. Except that I would only end up embarrassing my kids, and the term "jam on the drums" would probably be nonexistent, if it isn't already. Anyway, just a glimpse of what has been going around here. We did go to church today as usual, oh, and John and I went on a date last night to the movies, which was nice. We saw The day the Earth stood still. In my opinion it wasn't worth it, but we had a gift certificate so, at least we didn't lose money on it. Next time, I get to pick the movie. :) I am posting some pics of the boys playing so sweet together. Oh, and the last pic is of Kylan and his mento's geyser kit that he got for Christmas.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Kylan finally fell asleep around 2 a.m. this morning, which of course made our jobs a lot harder!!! John set his alarm (or at least thought he did) for 5 this morning. Needless to say, it did not go off. I did happen to wake up before 6 and see that the alarm never went off. I nudged John and he got up to finish his "duties" and then came back to bed. Santa must have thought his cookies were delicious because they were all gone this morning. :) I really thought that Kylan would sleep in until at least 8 since he fell asleep so late, but boy was I wrong. At around 6:40 I hear, "Oh my goodness, Look at all of the presents Santa left." Soooooo, he came to wake us up. We did however manage to get him to lay down until, oh, around 6:55. He could no longer stand the anticipation so I let him call Gammy and Papaw to head over. Thank goodness they live next door or I don't think he could have stood to wait. We let the boys open their stocking while my parents came over. The boys had the best time opening presents. I would pay a million dollars to see those expressions all of the time. Kylan got everything on his wish list, which consisted of an alien martian maker, night vision glasses, and guitar hero. He actually did better and got the entire rock band kit with the drums and all. He was actually very appreciative and never said one bad word about anything. We all know that kids are brutally honest, and last night I have to say he was being a bit of a brat with a gift he received early. Now either he took heart to what I said about some kids not getting anything, or he really did enjoy everything he got, but he was good as gold. We have had a busy but fun day. From here we went to my parents, then my grandma Martin's, then to grandma Sanders, and then to John's parents. My kids of course received way to much, but I love how much they are loved, if that makes sense. God had blessed my family with soooo much love and happiness. I can't imagine a better Christmas than we had today. Okay, off here for now, we are about to get our rock band on!!! Merry Christmas to all and thank you all for being such AWESOME friends!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Waiting for Santa

It is Christmas Eve and we are waiting on Santa. I hear the boys playing in Kylan's bed, suppose to be going to sleep, but yeah right. I can remember though how hard it was (and still is) to go to sleep on Christmas Eve. Today we ate lunch at Andee and Mackey's house. We had a big potluck and all brought a little of everything to eat. It was delicious and nice to hang out with the fam. Afterwards we came home for a quick nap before heading to John's Aunt Fonda's for the traditional get together. The kids all get to open a present and then the adults play dirty Santa for gifts. John received candy and duct tape. What every guy needs, huh? lol. I received an "entertainment" package of popcorn, 2 cokes, and candy. I was excited! Anyway, we came home and ran next door to mom and dad's to let the boys open a present each and then came home to bake cookies for Santa. We also spread out the reindeer feed and put a special key on the door since we don't have a chimney. I can't wait until in the morning to see the faces on the boys. It will be so much more fun this year with their ages. Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! Oh, and sorry the pics are out of order, but it is late and I don't feel like moving them around. Got to get in bed so Santa will come to our house! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday, Monday

Sunday morning we went to Gatlin's church program. He was the innkeeper and did another part at the end where he walked down the aisle with a mirror. Had to see the program to get it. It was basically what our gift to God is, which they used the mirrors to show everyone's reflection to show that we are the gift to God. It was a great program so I asked the director if I could get a copy for our church next year. She gave me one and I am so excited to use it. Sunday evening was spent napping and watching a movie. Sunday night, our church as usual. Today was spent CLEANING. Kylan and I spent literaly 3 hrs. cleaning out his room. I drug everything out from under his bed and in his closet. I now have lots to put in my treasure box at school now, lol. I went through his clothes and got rid of anything he didn't wear. I couldn't stand the clutter any longer. This summer I hope to do the entire house that way. That was my plan for last summer as well, but it didn't happen. I got most of my wrapping finished up today too. I also worked on Shea's wall letters for her sweet baby boy who will be here soon, well another month give or take. She is going to have an AWESOME nursery with fun colors. Anyway, tomorrow I plan to finish cleaning up and catching up on laundry. Fun, fun.....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Fun

Friday night was a nice day at school. We had our annual sing-a-long and let the kids play until dismissal at 1:15. I only had 7 that came to school. Kylan left after the program, so he still has perfect attendance for now. John took the boys for their shots. They did pretty good considering. We then headed to town to get a few groceries. Today Andrea, Jace, and I went Christmas shopping after delivering a snowman cake my mom and I made for a birthday. Jace was really good to be out all day. I got more than I planned on getting, and still didn't get all I needed, but I was in a hurry to get back. We had a family get together at John's parents. We got a picture of all of the grandkids together, which is a rare occassion. We had a great time as always.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

School Party/Polar Express

We geared up today in pjs for Polar Express day. The kiddos at school watched the movie this morning and then we had classroom parties this afternoon. My mom came early to make a craft with Kylan's class. She also brought them tree necklaces that she made. She was also so sweet in making my class reindeer food. Phyllis went to Jace's party so I have no pics of it. I did manage to get a pic of him today with his snowman shirt on. Too CUTE!!! Kylan had fun at his party and was excited that his Gammy got to sign him out. He never gets signed out early because it would ruin his perfect attendance. On party days however, it doesn't count against them, so it was a treat. Even though mom did have to practically drag him out. There were only 2 kids left when he finally did leave, so I guess he really did have a good time. Tonight we went to Angela and Jeremy's for a Christmas get together. We had a wonderful time. These guys mean the world to us and have always been there for us. The kids also had a wonderful time. Poor Macie may have nightmares of Jace coming after her. It was so funny though, he would try to pick her up. I can't believe she is already 10 months old. Time flies!!! Tomorrow Kylan and I are off to school. Original plans were for him to stay at home because they would only be there for 2 hrs., and it wouldn't count against them, but plans have changed. I don't know if it is because we missed those 2 days or what, but now it counts against them if they don't come for the sing a long program. John should be able to sign him out by 10 and it not count against him. Then John gets shot duty. Both boys have to have 1 shot apiece tomorrow b/c they were out of an immunization the last time they got them. Kinda glad I will still be at school for that one, lol!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another day at home...

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE staying at home with my boys, but geez now we have 2 school days that we will have to make up later. Tomorrow is a guaranteed thing that we will have school, thank goodness. Poor Jace won't have even been in school one full day this week. His party is tomorrow and John's mom will take him home afterwards. He is doing soooo much better. The meds are working well. He has not ran fever since Monday night. Tomorrow is also Kylan's school party. My mom will be attending since I will be in my own classroom. We will most likely have Polar Express activities for the day as well. The kiddos get to wear their pj's to school and watch the movie, have hot choc., etc. It should be fun for them. Yesterday was nice, it felt like a Saturday. John drove to work and said it took in forever on the ice. He got there and was the only one that showed up, so he changed his oil, put on new wiper blades, and headed home to us. Last night we went to my dad's work party so the kids could see Santa. They also play bingo every year and John was excited to win some cookies and choc. covered pretzels, lol. We had a great time, and enjoy going with dad. Today we are being lazy. My mom did come over and make a pillow case dress so that I will have a pattern to make my own. I plan to attempt one over the holiday break. Mom also helped me make a snowman shirt for Jace to wear to his party tomorrow. Can't get pictures uploaded for some reason so I will post now and upload later.