Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Waiting for Santa

It is Christmas Eve and we are waiting on Santa. I hear the boys playing in Kylan's bed, suppose to be going to sleep, but yeah right. I can remember though how hard it was (and still is) to go to sleep on Christmas Eve. Today we ate lunch at Andee and Mackey's house. We had a big potluck and all brought a little of everything to eat. It was delicious and nice to hang out with the fam. Afterwards we came home for a quick nap before heading to John's Aunt Fonda's for the traditional get together. The kids all get to open a present and then the adults play dirty Santa for gifts. John received candy and duct tape. What every guy needs, huh? lol. I received an "entertainment" package of popcorn, 2 cokes, and candy. I was excited! Anyway, we came home and ran next door to mom and dad's to let the boys open a present each and then came home to bake cookies for Santa. We also spread out the reindeer feed and put a special key on the door since we don't have a chimney. I can't wait until in the morning to see the faces on the boys. It will be so much more fun this year with their ages. Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! Oh, and sorry the pics are out of order, but it is late and I don't feel like moving them around. Got to get in bed so Santa will come to our house! :)


Amy Barrett said...

Exciting, exciting! I don't know who has more fun on Christmas, mom's or kiddos!

Shea said...

Those are definitely homemade cookies, right? I can tell by the way you intricately placed them into squares before baking ;) Hope you and your fam have a super Merry Christmas!!!

Stacy said...

I tried to wait up last night to check your blog since you said you were updating it, but couldn't keep my eyes open! That picture of John pouring milk is hilarious! merry Christmas!