Monday, June 30, 2008

Ahhh, to relax in the pool

Through the eyes of a 5 year old

Today mom, the boys, and I went to order our family pics. I thought that they were all wonderful! I can't wait to get them in and post them. It should take a week or a little longer to get them in. Shea met me at the studio to help me make some choices, and she invited us over to swim. It was such a nice day, and the boys loved the chance to swim. Though I think Kylan was more impressed with Shea's dog Bo than the water. He took my camera and started taking all kinds of pictures of him. Jace just chilled out in the water. He was scared of a blow up alligator ring though. Everytime it floated near him he would tear up. It was too funny and sad at the same time. I had such a great time relaxing with one of the greatest girls ever! Thanks Shea! Oh, and also for not laughing at me in a two piece, lol! I didn't get any pics. of me and Shea, she wouldn't let me, but she was sweet to take some of me and Jace. We got home and Jace took so many steps the rest of the afternoon before he took a late nap. He would get so excited and clap after we praised him. He took another 4 steps in a row, and then would fall down and get back up and take a couple of more. It brought tears to my eyes. He has been so sweet today, picking up toys and putting them back, and climbing everywhere. He would climb in my chair in the office and take off the pillows, then he would climb down and put the pillows back, too funny! He also cut his second top molar today. It broke through finally after a couple of days with a blood blister on top. I have workshops tomorrow and Wednesday, so I may not get many pictures posted for those two days. Jace will probably really take off walking during the next two days since I won't be home all day, lol.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Today was a nice day. We started out by being late to church, of course this is usual. After church we ate lunch at mom and dad's house. I then got ready to go to a baby shower. I took Jace and left the big boys to work on the storage building. I am pleased to say that it is completed, with the exception of the shingles. YAY!!! Jace was super good at the shower and the guest of honor recieved many wonderful gifts. I posted a pic of what I got for her and how I decorated the box. I thought it turned out cute. I made a special tag with the initial of the sweet baby girl that will arrive some time in Aug. I love making handmade creations, it is so much fun! Anyway, after the shower I got home in time to relax a little before it was off to p.m. services at church. We had a pretty simple day, but it was still nice. Tomorrow I get to preview our family pictures and start ordering! I hope they turned out well! We will see.....Oh, also Jace took 4 steps tonight, the most ever to my dad in class at church. I got some cute pics of him tickling Jace.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rainy day, but fun day

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning. Now usually this is very relaxing, except for the fact that I needed my storage building finished, and really thought it would be finished today. So, needless to say, it is still not finished. Kylan and John piddled outside when the rain would stop briefly. Kylan even found a butterfly that he brought in and played with for awhile. I got around to making a diaper wipe case cover for a baby shower tomorrow and then the family headed to friend Malinda's house for her little boys first birthday. Happy Birthday Jordan! Kylan had such a good time playing with Maggie and Rylee. We then decided that we might as well all go out and eat some Chinese since we were just a skip and a hop from town. I'm sure it was very interesting for others in the restaurant to see 6 adults with their 6 children, all varying in age. Though I really think that the kids all behaved very well to be so many of them. It was very nice to be able to all get together. Guys, we should do it more often!

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's DIRTMAN!

Kylan is too funny! Tonight my two favorite men (John & my daddy) worked on my storage building. Kylan played outside and soon found a fresh dirt hole. He then proceeded to put dirt all over him and down his shirt and would take off running and watch the dirt (aka~special powers) fly off of him. He cracks me up! Other pictures posted are of the boys playing together and Jace experiencing his first blackberries of the season.

Finally Friday

We had our family pictures made today, and I think (and hope) that they turned out well. I will go back on Monday to decide which ones to order. It was a lot of fun, I always feel funny getting pictures made, but today was nice. The boys both did really well and I was pleased with their behavior. We went ahead and got groceries after pictures, so we were home by 5:00. I ran into Shea at Walmart and got to chat with her for a few minutes (great to see you Shea, wish we could have talked longer). That is so unusual for us on a Friday night, but it is kinda nice to sit at home and relax. Jace is napping and John and Kylan are outside. John got the yard mowed and is going to work some more on our storage building tonight, so I guess I am going to be lazy and watch some CSI.

My first sewing project

I almost forgot to post pictures of the first baby taggie that I made yesterday. I have been asking my mom to teach me how to sew, so she won't have to make these for me. Yesterday she called and asked if it was a good day for me to come over. I told her of course and so arms loaded with fabric and ribbons I took the kids next door. I cut out the pieces for the cupcake one, and watched her sew it together. I then ventured out on my own and made the polka dot/circles one. She helped me guide my fabric through the machine once or twice and helped me take out stitches that I had to re-do, but for the most part, 98% of it I did all by myself. I was so excited! So if you need any baby gifts, let me know. This weekend I am going to work on some bibs and burp clothes.

SEXY in the City

We (Angela, Stacy, Tiffany, Andrea, and I) had a girls night out last night. We decided to go eat and go to the movies. We decided to eat mexican food, which was super yummy, and had a great time there. Stacy was impressing us with her Spanish speaking skills by introducing herself to the waiter until the waiter said, "Your name is Sexy?" Too funny, she was like no, it's Stacy but you can call me sexy, just whatever. He got a little embarressed but rolled with it the rest of the night. It was fun. Then we went to see Sex in the City. It was interesting to say the least, but it was a good movie and had a great ending. Christina, I hate that you missed it! We are defiantly going to have to do that more often, and Lindsey, keep your calendar open, you're coming next time!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A new woman

Jace with a head full of curls today, I wish they would stay! I feel like a different person. I finally got my hair cut and colored for the first time in ages. Well, by a stylist, not myself. I feel so refreshed! I really like the color and highlights and was in need of a change so bad. I really wanted it cut off, but John wants me to grow it out for awhile, since I was already growing it out for Andrea's wedding. I have to admit, I like my hair long as well, however I like it short as well. I like it best either short or long, but not this in between stage. In order for it to be long though I have to go through this stage, so I'm glad Jeana trimmed it up for me. She did an excellent job, and always does. Anyway, not much else has happened today, but we are having a girls night out tomorrow night, so hopefully I will have some fun pictures! I am also posting a pic of a onsie I did for Jace today. I just ironed on the crown, so it was nothing hard, but I thought it was cute anyway.