Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Madness

Jace started out with some funky hair this morning!

Today started out as usual, doing nothing but being lazy. It quickly turned into a busy day. I haven't mentioned it on here, but my dryer went out the other day so I was three days behind on laundry. We went yesterday after church and bought a dryer and a storage building. We have been needing one for awhile, but are just now getting around to getting one. Anyway, today I got caught up on all of my laundry that I was backed up on. I also had an Aransas History workshop that I had to attend today. It was only two hours, but I dreaded going to it by myself. All of the other teachers are attending inservice while I will be in Flordia so I have to make up my days by myself. YUCK! Anyway, after the workshop I came home and straightned up the house and finished up the laundry while supper was cooking in the crockpot. When John got home with the storage building (we didn't have the big trailer yesterday), I of course wanted it started right away. I am not patient when it comes to those kind of things, that and the fact that I want my laundry room and John's bathroom finished remodeling this weekend. That can't be done until the storage building is up and all of my holiday tubs and other misc. tubs are put in the building instead of those two rooms. There wasn't much daylight left so we go started and that was about it. It was so funny to watch the boys. Kylan was helping me tear off the plastic and making grunting noises, so then Jace proceeds to do the same thing. Boy is he going to learn a lot of things from big brother. That is kinda scary, lol. I helped Kylan catch some lightning bugs and we watched bats in the night sky while they ate mosquitos, which was pretty interesting. That about sums up today. Tomorrow I am taking the boys to the $1 movie again and running some errands, so it will probably be a hectic day. The pictures above are not in the order that I wanted to post them in, but my internet is giving me fits, so sorry they are all jumbled up. I like them to go in order of the day, but it didn't happen today, sorry!


LindseyB said...

I am not patient with those things either haha thank you for your comment, it made me feel better. see yall soon