Friday, June 20, 2008

13 Months

Today Jace is 13 months. I can't believe it! He is still not walking, but he will get there. He is still taking a few steps here and there. We went to Jonesboro today and I got a few errands done. We went to Walmart and got groceries. Andrea met us there and decided that Kylan could stay the night with her. He was so excited! Hopefully, she will get some rest tonight. When we got home we started preparing for a yard sale that I am having in the morning at my friend Angela's house. She is being so gracious and letting us (meaning me, my mom, and Stacy) use her yard. We all have horrible locations, seeing as how we live out in the boonies, lol. So, not much to blog about tonight, be thinking about us in the morning when we will be sitting out at 6:30 to sell junk!