Monday, June 2, 2008

T-ball awards ceremony

Today was a busy day, even though we were home most of the day. I helped mom with some last minute wedding details and she got my bridesmaid dress altered. My grandma also came over for a visit. Kylan and I made some cute little beaded glow in the dark spiders that I had bought after Halloween really cheap. Yes, we are just now getting to them, sad though it may be. Jace also had is first experience with a donut, which he LOVED! Then we went to Kylan's t-ball awards ceremony. He was excited about his medal. We stopped by John's parents to say hello, and ended up eating supper there, which was really nice. Tomorrow I am going to see Baby Mama with some of my favorite girls, and I can't wait!


Stacy said...

You will love the movie! It is hilarious!