Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally Friday

We had our family pictures made today, and I think (and hope) that they turned out well. I will go back on Monday to decide which ones to order. It was a lot of fun, I always feel funny getting pictures made, but today was nice. The boys both did really well and I was pleased with their behavior. We went ahead and got groceries after pictures, so we were home by 5:00. I ran into Shea at Walmart and got to chat with her for a few minutes (great to see you Shea, wish we could have talked longer). That is so unusual for us on a Friday night, but it is kinda nice to sit at home and relax. Jace is napping and John and Kylan are outside. John got the yard mowed and is going to work some more on our storage building tonight, so I guess I am going to be lazy and watch some CSI.