Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

John is such a good daddy. If only he ever read this, then he would know how much I appreciate all of the help he gives me with the boys. Of course he gets the typical Father's Day cards from us all and the I love yous, and even as much as I tell him how much he is appreciated, I should always tell him more often. It takes special people to make daddies. Daddies who take time out of their long work day to still come home to play with their kids, and who take them outside so mommy can have "mommy time." John is one of those special daddies. He will dress the boys (even if it is mismatched), fix them snacks, play games with them, and all of the other little things that mean so much to my boys. I could not ask for a better husband, especially because he is so attentive to the boys. He gets up with the boys every Saturday so that I can sleep in, even though he gets up before me everyday of the week. Happy Father's Day baby, I LOVE YOU!

We didn't do anything major today, went to church as usual. We then went to my parents house to give my dad his gift. It was a tough day for him, this is the first Father's Day without my grandpa. We love you grandpa, and know you are sending us blessings from heaven. We then went to John's parents' house. Farming of course doesn't stop, even for Father's Day, so John took his dad and brother lunch out to the farm and stayed out there for awhile while the rest of us ate at the house. The grandkids enjoyed the day together. From there we came home and John spent the rest of the afternoon playing games with the boys. It was not anything spectacular today, but the special kind all the same. It was a day where the boys and their daddy could just spend quality time together.

So to all the daddies out there, Happy Father's Day! I know that I depend on my daddy for so much, and he is such a great inspiration to me, John, and our boys. He is the perfect example of what a father should be, and for that I love you daddy!