Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reading Hour at the Library

Today mom and I took the boys to the library for reading hour. They sang a song and read three books. They then got to make a spider craft and have a snack. Kylan had a good time. He loves to go to the library and play legos. I also let him check-out two books. We then ran to the flea market and then back home. I layed down with Jace and took a quick nap and then started on supper. We then went outside to play for a long time. It was such a nice afternoon and the weather was perfect. Jace swung for awhile and then Kylan started playing in the back of my dad's truck. My dad stuck Jace in the back too. There was carpet all in the back because of hauling wedding items to Jonesboro so it was the perfect "playpen" for Jace. And as much as it sounds like we are a bunch of hicks (which, hey maybe we are) the boys played contently for about an hour. Mom and dad and I all climbed in the back as well so Jace wouldn't try to climb out. Okay, yes I am sure that we got wierd looks from vehicles passing by, but again I had two boys "content" so I wasn't going to bother them. Ha! Jace also took another step today! Maybe, in the next couple of weeks we can get 4 or 5 together!


Anonymous said...

another step, yay!