Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Girls

Sunday was mine/Andrea's 28th birthday. We celebrated after church with my parents cooking us lunch & presents of course, lol. We spent lunch with family/church friends and then Jace & I headed to Disney Playhouse with one of my fellow K-coworkers (Lori & her daughter Kadie.) The kiddos had a blast and really enjoyed it. I think Jace liked Tigger jumping and the Little Einstein's rocket the best. Kylan unfortunately started running a fever on my birthday. Poor kid! It got up to 102.6, which is actually not that high for him. He usually runs 104 when really sick. He had a flu shot Thursday so I was concerned. My mom was gracious enough to take him to the doc for me on Monday since I am trying to save up my days for my maternity leave. He tested negative for flu, thank goodness, but had fluid on both ears and a lot of congestion. The doc also said that it could be some side effects of the shot also. He ran fever again Monday night so he had to miss school today as well. Poor thing, he cried when he had to miss because he wanted that perfect attendance again this year. He has ran no fever all day today and will return to school tomorrow. I had a dentist appt for my teeth to get cleaned today, so it has been a busy week already!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update for last week

Gosh it is getting harder to find time to update! Last week seemed to be a busy week and this one will be even busier. I think we have something every night this week! Starting with last Monday....School week as usual. I had my ECH meeting Monday night. Tuesday night I worked on orders after school and playing with the boys. Wed. was school & church. Thursday was school & then off to the clinic for Kylan's flu shot. Jace went the week before. I think I forgot to mention that. They will both have to go back and get another one since they haven't had one before. YUCK! Then after the clinic I had Young Mother's meeting. Friday night Kylan stayed at his first sleepover with a friend from school. I was so worried, but they said he did great! I took Jace with me & we headed to Chili's to meet Chandra, Shea, & Cassie (plus their little men!) Thanks Chandra for letting Jace place with Caden's tractors! We then ran to Hobby Lobby for some things. I love hanging out with those sweet girls! Oh, and they even got me free dessert for my birthday (which is tomorrow). It was sooooo YUMMY! It was the white choc. molten cake. Today John took the boys to the farm to cut and mom & I went shopping. I was super excited to get 11 items at Sears for $51 bucks! AWESOME! I never go in there but had been sent an email (thanks Malinda) saying that clearance items were marked up to 90% off. LOVE SOME DEALS!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Kylan!

Seven years ago today God blessed me with a beautiful healthy baby boy! I can't even put into words how much I can't believe he is already 7. He has been such a blessing in my life. Yes he can be a stinker but as his momma so can I. He will always hold a special place in my heart because he is my oldest. I can't wait to see what God has in store for his life and my prayer is for him to always seek God for guidance in his life and to do his will.
Today we had a very small birthday party with family and a few friends that have always come to celebrate with us. We had it at a skateboard park in town and all of the kiddos brought their skateboards and had a blast. He was appreciative of all he got and I was so thankful for that. Happy Birthday Kylan! We love you more than you will ever know! I will post pics tomorrow, it is not letting me tonight!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time to catch up yet again!

Okay since last Monday...Tuesday was school as usual. I worked on orders Tues. night and Wednesday night this week. Also had a staff meeting after work Tues. Thursday after school I had a Kelly's Kids drop-in. I got to visit with some great girls, and was super excited that Chandra & Cassie came. I don't get to see those girls nearly enough!!! Loved all of my other visitors as well! Friday night was spent running some errands for Kylan's b-day party which is tomorrow on his birthday. We are just doing a small family thing this year with a few friends that have always come to the boys b-days with their kiddos. Today we ran to town to get our counter top for the laundry room and more Kylan's gifts. He went with my parents so that we could get some stuff for him. He really wanted a dirt bike for his b-day but I still feel that he is a little young so we explained hey they can be dangerous and that we felt that he should wait at least one more year. Tonight we are having some friends over to watch the Razorback game (while I work on orders in between plays, lol! I haven't felt great the last couple of days (maybe a minor stomach bug), but hope it gets better. Oh, and I confirmed to myself that I am indeed crazy. Some of you already decided this once we decided on a third baby, lol. I ran into Old Navy last night after I heard (thanks Cassie) that they now carry maternity clothes. They had the cutest baby girl summer clothes on sale. Now according to my poll, 73% of you believe girl, though I of course have my major doubts and voted NO!!! However....this didn't stop me from buying 5 outfits at O/N and then turn around & buy 3 at Walmart for $2 each. Oh well, at least I will have some cute baby gifts for someone if this one turns our to be another handsome little fellow! Oh, on a side note. I just found out the other day that John's great grandmothers name was Lillie as well! So how much more precious would that be!!! Also, I think we have narrowed the boy name to Martin & Maddox for sure, but leaning to Martin just because of it being family. All of the boys have one name that is family so we probably need to us it. The only thing holding me back it the "N" sound at the end of all 3 names. Silly I know! Kylan's does the same thing so it shouldn't be a big deal.

Monday, September 14, 2009

HELP with names please!!

Okay we are having a little trouble with a boy middle name. Yes I know we have plenty of time, especially since we aren't finding out the gender until birth. However, I would like to still be well prepared. Our girl name (not that we will need it, lol) is Klaire LilyAnn. Klaire is a name we have had picked out since I was pregnant with Jace. We wanted a "K" name to go with Kylan. Also, one of my closest high school friends has a daughter with Claire as her middle name. Kylan loves her and says that this is his girlfriend so we asked a long time ago if they were okay with us using it. LilyAnn comes from family names combined. My grandmothers name is Lillie and my mom, sis, and I all have Ann in our middle names. Mom's is Ann, mine LeAnn, and Andrea's DeAnn. Our boy name however is one that we are having trouble with. It is not that we can't come up with any, cause by now we can spit them out, lol. We just can't narrow it down. The first name is Blaine for sure. You know we like unusual names. The middle name however is what we need help with. These are your choices.....Martin (my mom's maiden name), Hudson, and Maddox. I will put up a poll and you can vote. Ultimately it will be our decision but we would like some input.

Another week gone by

Gosh I can't believe it has been a week since I have posted something. I am staying busy with orders. I will start from where I left off. On Tuesday it was back to school for the week. That night was Young Women's meeting. (The first meeting for the year!) Wednesday-Thursday was school as usual. My Uncle Bob & Aunt Shirley came in from LR Thursday night. It was nice to visit with them for a little while. Friday afternoon John and I ran to town for errands/groceries. We wanted to take the boys to the movies but there just wasn't much to chose from. We opted to rent some movies instead. By this time I was craving movie theater popcorn so John stopped by there & got me a large bucket to take home with us. (extra butter too! YUMMY) Saturday we went back to Home Depot & got door facings/baseboards. Still not completely finished so posting pictures will have to wait. I also has a hair appt. Sunday was church and working on orders. John's parents took him & the boys out to lunch while I worked. Today was back to work again. Gosh those weekends fly by!!! Sorry no pics~! My memory card is full yet again!

Monday, September 7, 2009

A boy & his skateboard

Kylan loves to skateboard. He is still a little nervous to start the big stunts, but loves it all the same. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday this year he decided on the skateboarding them. Imagine that! We took a few pics tonight for his invites, though we aren't getting many since we are doing family/close friends only. Anyway, we decided on the black & white one for the invites. Christina usually does them, but since she has been on maternity leave then I had to find someone else for this time. I know they won't be nearly as cute as hers are, but we will make due, and hopefully by the next time we need some she will be able to do them again. Hint, hint Christina~ :)
Hope you all had a relaxing holiday today! I finished 4 orders and John & his brother got our laundry room floor down! YAY, now on to the baseboards and counter top! Will post pics of it finished soon! (I HOPE!)
Oh, and yes I realize that Kylan's shirt/shorts do not match, he was in "play" clothes for outside. That is why I turned the picture to black/white so it wouldn't notice, lol!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Busy Saturday!

This morning Tiff and I hit the 75% off sale at Pattycakes. I was so excited to get Kylan a shirt, Jace 3 shirts and a pair of polo shoes, a photo album, and baby S an outfit all for $58! Don't worry Baby S's is gender neutral! Whoo hoo, cause my original amount would have been over $200. The picture is minus Kylans shirt and the album. It is identical to Jace's green one in the pic. I wish they would have had more for Kylan's age, but that was just how it went. Afterwards I rushed home to get the boys ready for our family reunion. The food was YUMMY, catered barbecue and lots of good home cooking! We came home long enough to get a short nap and then Kylan & I made Razorback cookies since we didn't get to go to the game in LR today. Then it was off to town to get groceries, supper, and our flooring for the laundry room. We didn't get home till 10. Oh, and the HOGS won! WHOO HOO!

1st doctor visit

Yesterday we went to our first doctor's appt for our baby. I was sooooo nervous all day long. I am so thankful that God listens to my prays and gives me peace. The appt. went wonderfully. Everything looked great and we got to see our first glimpses of sweet perfection. We also got to hear the heartbeat which was music to our ears! My official due date is April 11th, though he doubts I will make it that long since I had both the boys a little early. He also said that I need to get to the hospital as soon as possible when I start having contraction in order for John not to have to deliver. Both boys were short labors and he said this one should be even quicker (YAY)! I was in the hospital about 5 hrs with Kylan from the time I arrived to the time I delivered. With Jace it was 3. Anyway, I go back Oct. 2nd. Thanks for everyone who called/texted to see how the appt. went. Oh, also so thankful for one baby only...I was a tad bit nervous that there would be twins!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happenings since Saturday

After my last blog I had a few fun things to happen for me to be proud of Kylan. First of all, last Saturday night John & Kylan went with some church friends to hang door hangers with verses on neighbors doors inviting them to church. I stayed with Jace but was told that Kylan did a great job. He wanted to go to every door and spread the word himself (well except one house where dogs got after him, lol). I am so proud of my son and hopes that he continues to want to spread God's word throughout his life. He also came home that night with his first pulled tooth! He was soooo excited. He even pulled it himself with no tears!! WOW, what a big boy!
Now on to the rest of the week. Sunday was church, Monday through today school, nothing special going on. However, yesterday was a sad day for my friend Stacy who lost her dad. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! On to today....Today on the way home from school Kylan pulled his second tooth, again so BIG!!! I haven't got pictures of it yet, my memory card always seems full. Tonight he is signing up for boy scouts and has his first meeting. Hope it is fun! He has also decided to do Upward Bound basketball this year. Tomorrow we go to our first doctor appt. to see our new baby. Pray for us that everything goes well. I will post details tomorrow night.