Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Girls

Sunday was mine/Andrea's 28th birthday. We celebrated after church with my parents cooking us lunch & presents of course, lol. We spent lunch with family/church friends and then Jace & I headed to Disney Playhouse with one of my fellow K-coworkers (Lori & her daughter Kadie.) The kiddos had a blast and really enjoyed it. I think Jace liked Tigger jumping and the Little Einstein's rocket the best. Kylan unfortunately started running a fever on my birthday. Poor kid! It got up to 102.6, which is actually not that high for him. He usually runs 104 when really sick. He had a flu shot Thursday so I was concerned. My mom was gracious enough to take him to the doc for me on Monday since I am trying to save up my days for my maternity leave. He tested negative for flu, thank goodness, but had fluid on both ears and a lot of congestion. The doc also said that it could be some side effects of the shot also. He ran fever again Monday night so he had to miss school today as well. Poor thing, he cried when he had to miss because he wanted that perfect attendance again this year. He has ran no fever all day today and will return to school tomorrow. I had a dentist appt for my teeth to get cleaned today, so it has been a busy week already!


Christina Staggs said...

Hope you had a great bday! They just aren't as exciting as they used to be, huh. The joys of getting old! ha!

kristen g. said...

That is so sweet he was upset about not getting perfect attendance! I hope he's better in the morning.
Hope your bday was great too!!