Monday, September 7, 2009

A boy & his skateboard

Kylan loves to skateboard. He is still a little nervous to start the big stunts, but loves it all the same. When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday this year he decided on the skateboarding them. Imagine that! We took a few pics tonight for his invites, though we aren't getting many since we are doing family/close friends only. Anyway, we decided on the black & white one for the invites. Christina usually does them, but since she has been on maternity leave then I had to find someone else for this time. I know they won't be nearly as cute as hers are, but we will make due, and hopefully by the next time we need some she will be able to do them again. Hint, hint Christina~ :)
Hope you all had a relaxing holiday today! I finished 4 orders and John & his brother got our laundry room floor down! YAY, now on to the baseboards and counter top! Will post pics of it finished soon! (I HOPE!)
Oh, and yes I realize that Kylan's shirt/shorts do not match, he was in "play" clothes for outside. That is why I turned the picture to black/white so it wouldn't notice, lol!


Chandra said...

Pics are too cute! I didn't even notice that the shorts didnt match until you mentioned it, then I had to look! lol!

Shea said...

I didn't notice, either! I LOVE them both but the b/w one is awesome!

kristen g. said...

I think it's very surfer/skater of him to not match :) He is adorable, but don't tell him that!