Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update for last week

Gosh it is getting harder to find time to update! Last week seemed to be a busy week and this one will be even busier. I think we have something every night this week! Starting with last Monday....School week as usual. I had my ECH meeting Monday night. Tuesday night I worked on orders after school and playing with the boys. Wed. was school & church. Thursday was school & then off to the clinic for Kylan's flu shot. Jace went the week before. I think I forgot to mention that. They will both have to go back and get another one since they haven't had one before. YUCK! Then after the clinic I had Young Mother's meeting. Friday night Kylan stayed at his first sleepover with a friend from school. I was so worried, but they said he did great! I took Jace with me & we headed to Chili's to meet Chandra, Shea, & Cassie (plus their little men!) Thanks Chandra for letting Jace place with Caden's tractors! We then ran to Hobby Lobby for some things. I love hanging out with those sweet girls! Oh, and they even got me free dessert for my birthday (which is tomorrow). It was sooooo YUMMY! It was the white choc. molten cake. Today John took the boys to the farm to cut and mom & I went shopping. I was super excited to get 11 items at Sears for $51 bucks! AWESOME! I never go in there but had been sent an email (thanks Malinda) saying that clearance items were marked up to 90% off. LOVE SOME DEALS!!


Chandra said...

You did get some cute pics from last night! I need to get them from you! Since when do I forget my camera! The one of all of us was so good! I knew he wasn't looking, but didnt realize at the time how bad Caden wanted that toy!

Shea said...

As always our "date" was very nice! We say it every time, but we really need to make time to meet up more often!