Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Storytime and Swimmin= Summer Fun

Today I took the boys to storytime again. Kylan really enjoyed it today. It involved musical instruments. Maybe a musician in the works? Afterwards we went to Stacy's house to swim with her & her boys, and Tiffany & baby Camilla. We had a blast. I did get a little burned, sad huh? Jace loved swimming with his vest and borrowed arm floaties from Stac. As long as you didn't touch him he would swim all over that pool. Of course I was right behind him. Isn't summer the BEST?

Monday, June 29, 2009

What a pretty day

Today was one of the first not so miserable hot days. The boys and I stayed outside for over 3 hrs. I cleaned up and filled up their little pool so they could splash around in it awhile.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finished Project

Okay...Kylan's room is FINALLY finished!!! Well, almost. We still like buying one more twin mattress and painting a locker to put in there for storage. Kylan is super proud of his "new big boy" room. I can't wait for Gatlin to see it!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Movie Madness

Well since I last posted on Tuesday, I have seen 3 movies at the theater and eaten more than enough popcorn, lol! No wonder I have gained 5 lbs since school has been out!! Wednesday mom and I took the boys to see Nim's Island and then ran some errands. We also go started on transforming Kylan's room into a "teen" room with a skateboarding theme. He loves skateboards! Anyway, he picked out a new rug and a fan that has skateboard blades. Mom and I got home and started painting. I did the stripes and she painted a skateboarder on the wall. Thursday I spent the day at home working on orders and spending time with the boys. That night all of us Kindergarten teachers went to see The Proposal. It was cute! Today we had my mom keep Jace so that we could spend some time with Kylan. We went to see Transformers. It was long, had a lot of ugly words, but a good movie. I could have done without all the words and a few other scenes though. Afterwards we went and got Kylan a small flat screen for his "big boy" room and bunk beds. John and dad put up the flat screen and John and I put up the beds. We still have decorations and curtains to go. Maybe we can get that done tomorrow. I will post a few sneak peeks!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Young Mothers Club family Outing

Today I got up and worked on orders for a little while. I then took the boys to storytime at the library. Tonight we had out Young Mothers Club family outing at the city pool. The kiddos all had a great time! Kylan was soooo proud of himself. He is now swimming on his own with no life jacket. He jumped off the diving board too (I made him wear the life jacket for this however!) I am one proud mommy!!!

A day with my college gals

Yesterday we (meaning Shea, Chandra, Cassie, and I) decided to go to the park and let our little men play so that we could visit. We decided to go early so it wouldn't be sweltering. Well, that didn't work out so well. It was HOT! We opted to head to the mall and let them play in the play area there. With the excpetion of Jace trying to get lose twice and me being scared to death that he was going to trample little Caden, it was nice. We also did a little shopping and ate at Chili's. I was so nervous about bringing my kiddos. Usually I leave mine at the grandparents so that I can visit because they are so much older and mobile of course, lol. I am really glad I took them though, they were so well behaved. Kylan loved to entertain the babies and even said on the way home, "Momma, I liked those babies." It was such a great day with those girls! I am so glad that we have stayed in touch. Of course going through grad school together helped too. I can't imagine life without these amazing girls!! I will post the one picture that we got of all of us as soon as Chandra blogs. I will have to "borrow" it from her.