Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Storytime and Swimmin= Summer Fun

Today I took the boys to storytime again. Kylan really enjoyed it today. It involved musical instruments. Maybe a musician in the works? Afterwards we went to Stacy's house to swim with her & her boys, and Tiffany & baby Camilla. We had a blast. I did get a little burned, sad huh? Jace loved swimming with his vest and borrowed arm floaties from Stac. As long as you didn't touch him he would swim all over that pool. Of course I was right behind him. Isn't summer the BEST?


Stacy said...

lots of fun!! Thanks for the pics!

Shea said...

Summer is the best! Can you imagine working year round?! You need to bring the boys over here to swim in the "redneck pool" sometime!