Saturday, June 20, 2009

The weekend is here!

Starting off from my last post.....Thursday I spent the day at home working on orders, cleaning house, entertaining the boys, etc. Friday John took the boys to the farm to ride tractors. I sent the camera with him, and I got all of 3 pics. He just doesn't think about using it much, lol. Anyway, while he took them to the farm I went to return Shea's camping gear and got to visit with her and sweet Madden. Shea, you are sweet too of course, lol! I then went and got groceries and then headed home. We got home and then we all headed to Andrea's for supper. It was delicious. It was us, my sis and her hubby, and friends Zac and Nichole. We had a blast and the kids even slept until 10 this morning. Well, us too, lol. Today I plan to go see Christina, who is in the hospital. Please say a prayer for her. She has 9 weeks of her pregnancy left but baby Stratten seems to want to come early.


Shea said...

Madden is the sweet one! I can't wait to see your sweet boys on Monday!

Amy Barrett said...

That is so ZACH jumping in that picture of you and John! I miss his crazy things. Ask him to tell you about the trick he played on our pastor - the one that involved our pastor's vehicle. That still may be too broad for him since he is a frequent prankster.

amber leann said...

I know, he cracks me up Amy!