Friday, June 26, 2009

Movie Madness

Well since I last posted on Tuesday, I have seen 3 movies at the theater and eaten more than enough popcorn, lol! No wonder I have gained 5 lbs since school has been out!! Wednesday mom and I took the boys to see Nim's Island and then ran some errands. We also go started on transforming Kylan's room into a "teen" room with a skateboarding theme. He loves skateboards! Anyway, he picked out a new rug and a fan that has skateboard blades. Mom and I got home and started painting. I did the stripes and she painted a skateboarder on the wall. Thursday I spent the day at home working on orders and spending time with the boys. That night all of us Kindergarten teachers went to see The Proposal. It was cute! Today we had my mom keep Jace so that we could spend some time with Kylan. We went to see Transformers. It was long, had a lot of ugly words, but a good movie. I could have done without all the words and a few other scenes though. Afterwards we went and got Kylan a small flat screen for his "big boy" room and bunk beds. John and dad put up the flat screen and John and I put up the beds. We still have decorations and curtains to go. Maybe we can get that done tomorrow. I will post a few sneak peeks!!!


LindseyB said...

teen room??? isn't he only in the first grade?? how about big boy room, teen just makes me feel old

amber leann said...

Yeah, but big brother will be 13 in Feb!!! I do feel old!!!