Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happenings since Saturday

After my last blog I had a few fun things to happen for me to be proud of Kylan. First of all, last Saturday night John & Kylan went with some church friends to hang door hangers with verses on neighbors doors inviting them to church. I stayed with Jace but was told that Kylan did a great job. He wanted to go to every door and spread the word himself (well except one house where dogs got after him, lol). I am so proud of my son and hopes that he continues to want to spread God's word throughout his life. He also came home that night with his first pulled tooth! He was soooo excited. He even pulled it himself with no tears!! WOW, what a big boy!
Now on to the rest of the week. Sunday was church, Monday through today school, nothing special going on. However, yesterday was a sad day for my friend Stacy who lost her dad. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! On to today....Today on the way home from school Kylan pulled his second tooth, again so BIG!!! I haven't got pictures of it yet, my memory card always seems full. Tonight he is signing up for boy scouts and has his first meeting. Hope it is fun! He has also decided to do Upward Bound basketball this year. Tomorrow we go to our first doctor appt. to see our new baby. Pray for us that everything goes well. I will post details tomorrow night.


kristen g. said...

Hope your appt goes well, it's always so exciting to catch a first glimpse isn't it?!?
Did the tooth fairy come to your house?

Christina Staggs said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hope you've gained 10 lbs already! ha!