Monday, June 9, 2008

Rain rain go away

I cleaned house today, along with taking Kylan to get his Kindergarten shots. He had to have 5! One was for the chicken pox. The nurse said that he may break out in some blisters in about 2 weeks because of the shot. GREAT!!! :( Maybe not though. Anyway, Kylan did cry some, but he was so well behaved with the other kids in the waiting room. He brought several toys and happily shared them all. I even heard him say thank-you once. I was very proud of him. His behavior today and yesterday was so nice. He helped me clean again today and was so sweet with Jace. He gave him lots of praise when Jace TOOK HIS FIRST STEP!!!! He will walk as long as we hold atleast one hand, but has never attempted a step on his own until today. He is also standing on his own. As you can see in the pic. this really excites me! :) Way to go Jace. He hasn't done it since, but I am so glad I didn't miss it! Yay for summer vacation. I am getting to watch him learn new things everyday! We didn't get to play outside much today. We did go out and write with 3D chalk for a little while before it got to hot. Then of course this afternoon we went out again and then it started raining on us. Maybe it won't be as hot tomorrow though.


Chandra said...

YEAH, Go Jace!!! That is too exciting! He will be running before you know it! Kylan, I'm sorry you had to have shots today, I don't like them either! Is that 3-D chalk really as cool as it seems on TV? I bet it was really fun!

amber leann said...

It's not as cool, but it is still pretty neat. I had never heard of it, but mom had seen it and promised it to Kylan if he did his ringbearer job well.