Monday, June 16, 2008

It's been a looong day

New officers for the year. My mom will be President.

First thing this morning I took Jace to get his 12 month shots. Bless his heart, he had to have 5. They gave them to him in his arms because they said that sometimes babies trying to walk will stop with tender legs. They also said he should be cranky and tired all day. He was neither, and in fact is still up at 12:08 for some reason. After shots we came home and I got busy cleaning. Tiffany S. and I were the host this month for our county's extension club. This is a club basically made up of several women from my church and our community that do projects for our community as well as surrounding ones. Projects such as lap blankets and pillows for cancer patients. Anyway, I cleaned and cooked a good portion of the day. I did take a little time out to play Kylan's new video game with him. He was so funny, he kept saying, "wow mom, you are pretty good!" I guess he didn't think a girl, much less his mommy, could play a "boy fighting" game. Tomorrow I am taking the boys to the $1 movie and then I am going to visit one of my fellow Kindergarten teachers who had her little girl right before school was out. It will probably be another long, but fun day. And speaking of babies, look at that very small, but adorable baby bump on Tiff. HOW SWEET!


Anonymous said...

Poor Jace! Tiffany's just adorable with her little bump isn't she!