Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lunch Date

Yesterday was spent being lazy, lazy, and more lazy. I spent a little while reading, which I have done quite a lot over my break. I love to read. I guess I should try reading the Twilight series. Today I met up with Shea, Chandra, and Cassie to eat lunch at Colten's. We had a great time catching up as always, and of course seeing sweet little Caden. He is getting so big! Just makes me want another one, lol. I am so sad that this week is already flying by so fast. We aren't sure yet what are plans are for New Year's Eve. I'm sure it won't be anything big, but sometimes simple is good enough for me!


Shea said...

I had a great time with you girls today!

Stacy said...

um yeah.... you DO need to read the Twilight series! BEFORE you see the movie and ruin it for yourself. The movie was not great. Oh, and if you want to party like a rock star for new year's you can run on over to the hospital.... my dad and I are going to bring in the new year in style!! It looks like we will need to hang out Saturday. Chris has plans for Friday. Let me know if that sounds good.