Thursday, December 18, 2008

School Party/Polar Express

We geared up today in pjs for Polar Express day. The kiddos at school watched the movie this morning and then we had classroom parties this afternoon. My mom came early to make a craft with Kylan's class. She also brought them tree necklaces that she made. She was also so sweet in making my class reindeer food. Phyllis went to Jace's party so I have no pics of it. I did manage to get a pic of him today with his snowman shirt on. Too CUTE!!! Kylan had fun at his party and was excited that his Gammy got to sign him out. He never gets signed out early because it would ruin his perfect attendance. On party days however, it doesn't count against them, so it was a treat. Even though mom did have to practically drag him out. There were only 2 kids left when he finally did leave, so I guess he really did have a good time. Tonight we went to Angela and Jeremy's for a Christmas get together. We had a wonderful time. These guys mean the world to us and have always been there for us. The kids also had a wonderful time. Poor Macie may have nightmares of Jace coming after her. It was so funny though, he would try to pick her up. I can't believe she is already 10 months old. Time flies!!! Tomorrow Kylan and I are off to school. Original plans were for him to stay at home because they would only be there for 2 hrs., and it wouldn't count against them, but plans have changed. I don't know if it is because we missed those 2 days or what, but now it counts against them if they don't come for the sing a long program. John should be able to sign him out by 10 and it not count against him. Then John gets shot duty. Both boys have to have 1 shot apiece tomorrow b/c they were out of an immunization the last time they got them. Kinda glad I will still be at school for that one, lol!


Amy Barrett said...

LOVE the snowman shirt! Super cute!