Monday, August 4, 2008

A productive day

I was very proud of getting some things done today. First thing this morning I took Kylan to the doctor to get his physical for Kindergarten. We saw a new doc. and I REALLY liked her. She was so good with Kylan, for example giving him some choices, such as do you want me to look at your throat and ears first or listen to your heart. I would swear she was part teacher, lol. Giving kids small choices lets them feel a little more in control and not so scared of new circumstances. Kylan was so good, and again she was super nice and great. She made sure that I didn't have any questions, and took plenty of time with us. We did have to wait a long time, but it was worth it. Afterwards I decided to take the boys with me again to work in my classroom. They were super and played so well while I got most of my room done. I really only have one table left to clean off and names to put on the tables, cubbies, workboxes, etc. I really don't want to do then names yet until I get my full list of kids. As of now I only have 11, which is heaven, but it won't stay that way. We will probably have atleast 20 more register on orientation day. It still should be small classrooms which will be awesome, not only for us, but for the kiddos. They learn so much better in smaller classrooms and hands on activities are so much less time consuming. I worked almost 4 hrs. in my room, which is great considering I had the two boys. I plan to go back on Friday when John is off so that I can get the rest finished. I wish I would have had my camera on me at school, the boys were too cute playing together. Yes, I, the one with my camera attached to my hip, left it in the car. I even had time to make one small craft with the letters today. It is a letter S with tons of ribbon on it. It would look cute setting on a stand in a kids room. It does look much better in person, I promise.


Shea said...

Cute "S!" I worked in my room yesterday, too. I'm boycotting it the rest of the week. I've spent 9 hrs of my own time up there over three days...that's enough!

Stacy said...

love the ribbony "s"! wonder what an "r" would look like????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? hint hint hint :)